Torture By Ice Cream

Torture By Ice Cream

I just returned home from my first airline flight in almost 3 years. I did a little experimenting in the 10 days we spent in New England from Westford MA to York Beach in Maine.

First hurdle was the flight. My wife took extra measures to make the trip as stress free as possible, that with anti anxiety meds that wasn't to bad for a six and a half hour flight.

Next was a big family party approximately 70 attendees in the yard. I was able to hold my own for about 5 hours and then spent an hour, laying on the floor of the guest bedroom, trying to recover.

The 3rd hurdle was moving family from a pod to a house. I was surprised how manageable it was. I was actively moving for about 6 hours, I was sore but in a good way. The next day I did forgo a family trip on Boston's Duck Tours to rest.

The 4th hurdle wasn't suppose to be a hurdle at all, just 1 trip to move the big furniture from the pod to the house. We finished the trip only to have family members show up at the pod and volunteer their time so we made about 3 more trips. I had sore muscles but in a good way again.

The next day we took a trip to York Beach Main. We went for an hour and a half walk. I held my own for about an hour but the last half I slowed my family down. After downing some fried clams and scallops, I was able to meander to an ice cream stand where I rested and waited for a family member to pick me up in a car. I was a bit discouraged because I did 3 days at Disneyland earlier this year and was surprised I only made it an hour before I became drained. Latter I looked at my MJF insight watch and it showed my activity time for that hour to be a lot more intense than when I was even moving heavy furniture.

The final hurdle or so I thought was a intimate wedding in one of the grand houses on the shore of York Beach. Absolutely no problem there. I do believe with all the activity my brain was ready to relieve a pressure valve and I did scream and hit the bed in the middle of the night. No body but my wife heard me scream but most of the house was wondering why everybody was awake at 4 in the morning.

On our last day I wanted to go to Kimball's for some ice cream. That was the hardest point in my trip. Between the nonlinear lines of people all the different windows and all the flavors to choose from my head started spinning and my body slowed down but I was going to get my ice cream even if I had to wear it.

Just a look at what is motor and what is non motor, and what is more crippling.

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  • What fun!!!

  • Happy u made it! Sounds like a very busy and entertaining time. How does it feel to be able to look back on that and know you DID it??!

  • I think it is so cool to know what you could not do a year ago you can do now. So will I be better or worse a year from now? God only knows, but it is good to know that being worse is not a sure thing.

  • Thanks...............that was helpful. You tried and you did it. Now you have a wonderful memory.

  • Everyone reacts differently. I am convinced that moving is essential. Anything that gets you off the couch or outta the chair works! Yes Kimballs counts. My daughter and my beautiful two granddaughters live close by. Always time for Kimballs.

  • Sounds like an awesome trip! I am from New England and just returned from a trip to visit family there....always that trip to Kimbels!

  • I'm so glad you did it

  • Great to know that someone else has the insight to know when to push forward or reign oneself in. Sometimes we do hold others back but those moments can be sweet too. We are all in this together and in times to come the go getters will come to acknowledge its not all out there but some of it is right here. (With the ice cream )

  • I think I may have unintentionally unleashed the ire of a lot of Parky husbands. Please, all of the wives of P-husbands don't use me as a " see He did it ". It has been a work in progress and I missed a wedding 2 months earlier because I was not sure if I was mentally there yet.

  • U da' man.

  • I have to think that you just finished a similar situation. Hundreds of people in attendance in a confined space and having to interact with them. If not physically wiped I am sure a little mental Holliday for you is in order. 😎

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