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Anyone need time release amantadine? (aka Symadine, Symmetrel)

There is a company in the process of bringing time release amantadine to market. Just wondering if anyone taking amantadine needs or wants a time release version. It would be priced at a premium to the existing version. They believe it will reduce levodopa induced dyskinesias, but they have only compared their time-release version to placebo rather than to the existing version of amantadine. Discussion of what they have to offer starts on page 9 of this presentation:

Company website:

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i started using sinemet sr about 2-3 years ago. bear in mind like i guess all the time released meds they may all cause retention. for the first 5-6 months of the sr, i ran to the urgent care clinics for possible uti's. they were always pos but cultured neg. today still whenever i have a urine specimen taken, they all say i have or the possibility of having a uti. that's how they got me to stay at the hospital from hell this summer that almost killed me. be well judy


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