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Causes of Parkinson's Natural/Alternative Treatments

There are probably many places to research this, that I bet your doctor doesn't know about. If you want a thorough understanding of what is happening to your body, go to the link below and READ. I think educating yourself is of primary importance. Also, I have read online that the prescription drugs given to Parkinson's patients work for a short time but eventually begin to CAUSE the symptoms. Here is the link:

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Hi I have been to the site, have you ever talk to somebody at Skilling Institute? Do you know of anybody that used the machine the photon Genie?


I contacted the Skilling Institute on their web site and have to call them back by phone. I will have someone make the call for me, as I am hearing impaired.

As for the photon genie, I don't know of anyone personally that has used one. I know people on who have, though. I think the theory is reliable. I have found a place about 30 miles from me where I can use one for a fee. Cheaper than buying one... I will be checking that out.


Good heavens. This is an extensive article. Have you or anyone you know used any of the things he has recommended


Yes, extensive. So far I have used turmeric and coconut, which did wonders. I took too much of both though and had huge "die off" symptoms, bowel upset. More later too hard to type on myI phone


I meant to say coconut oil. The oil is important because brains need healthy oils. In fact, I have read that our brains prefer to use fats over glucose for energy.

I saw a person here that said he used coconut oil and had good results but had to build up to a tolerance to it. It is antimicrobial, as in antibiotic, which means it kills off microbes, etc., and doing it too fast can result in the"die off" I mentioned above. Turmeric is also antimicrobial. "Die off" means you have severe diarrhea. I could not deal with that. So, I stopped both and am now on a course of Florastor probiotic and will remain on it throughout the treatments and thereafter probably. Florastor is like other probiotics that contain strains of lacactobacillus acidophilus, etc., which are not resistant to antibiotics/antimicrobials. Florator is resistant and therefore will not be depleted when you take antibiotics/antimicrobials. I was told to take it to recover from microscopic colitis 4 years ago and was prescribed two very powerful antibiotics. Taking both at once helped me recover. I had a horrible case of it and was hospitalized twice in one month. I am on the second day of Florastor and by Friday, I plan to restart the turmeric and coconut oil. When I took those 2 natural products, I was walking so much better and was very pleased and relieved!

Then, I plan to begin taking other items from the web site and will go to the place where I can use the photon genie. It will be important for me to maintain good gut flora during that time, so I will continue to take the Florator.

I hope my reply has helped a little. I will post results from the use of the photon genie in the future.

Thanks for asking.


Shoot! I meant to say that Florastor is NOT like other probiotics in my previous reply. The other probiotics (with lacto cultures) will be killed when taking any antibiotic, whether prescription or natural.


Sorry. Don't believe a word of it.


If you say so...


I don't care if you "take it on board" or not. Nothing to me. Just trying to be helpful.




Sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbo, like the root cause of death is not being alive.


No need to slam something you aren't interested in. Try to be open minded and read a little more of it. But, of course, we all choose our own path. Be blessed. :)


My husband is taking most of these supplements

He has not started meds yet

He finds diet, supplements, vigorous excercise and lots of sleep have all helped.

He recently started medicinal Marijuana which has made a huge positive impact. His tremors have diminished by about 90 percent it helps him sleep better and his overall mental wellbeing has improved. It has helped increase his appetite and the phlegm build up in his throat has almost disappeared so he is able to swallow now. He is hoping to put off starting meds as long as possible.

I'm interested in the liver cleanse and chelation of the heavy metals. He had a high exposure during his career. It can't hurt.


Hi, I just now joined this website and saw your post here from two years ago. My husband tried medicinal cannabis also and didn't seem to find a formula that worked. Can you tell me more about what product he is taking? My husband also is not taking meds. We're exploring natural treatments. Thanks for any information you feel like sharing.


So good to know those things! There is a FB group for medicinal marijuana use that I belong to. I haven't used it yet. I will try to look it up today and post the name of the group here. Dr. Mercola has things to say about turmeric use and also about prescription drugs for PD. Type his name in Google and you will find his website. I wish you and your husband good success!


You seem to be hell-bent on giving me trouble. All I've done is come on here to give and receive information. Isn't that what this site is about? Yet, you slam me every time I say a word and have (seemingly) accused me of trying to fleece someone. YOU ARE HARASSING ME, AND I DON'T LIKE IT.

NO, that is not the site. Here it is:

You are probably either a doctor, an FDA agent, or a representative of a pharmaceutical company, trolling to find anyone who dares to challenge traditional medicine. Lots of people are here have said they use alternative treatments. There is no law against it, and no law against posting about it here.

I don't believe a word of your posts, either.

That site you posted is simply slandering him. Do they provide any evidence of their claims? He is a well-respected doctor, whose advice and opinions are well received and respected by many people.

On the other, the FDA and Big Pharma are entirely corrupt, just like most of government.

You replied to one of my comments about side effects and drugs losing their effectiveness by saying that it "flies in the face of the facts." Well, big shot, WHAT EXACTLY ARE THE FACTS you are speaking of? Provide some evidence with documentation of your "facts." Plenty of people here speak of horrible side effects and the medicine becoming ineffective. And, there is nothing wrong with me giving some ideas for other things to try!! I have a right to my opinions, just as you do, but you have NO right to harass me.

What is your problem? I think maybe you are demonically possessed, frankly. LOL


No one is harrassing you. You come here to promote a website that is the lamest load of BS I have ever seen in my life, and you resort to grade school name calling and feigned victimhood when people politely call you on it.

Let's take a look at the garbage you are endorsing:

"The primary treatment for Parkinsons is also the primary treatment for several other brain disorders. One article has been written for several brain disorders because in most cases the patient’s condition has the same “root cause,” namely highly acidic mycotoxins which create 'perpetual brain fog'."

-the only fog is in the mind of writer of this nonsense.


"First, use a product that kills massive numbers of microbes in the bloodstream, such as:

1) The Bob Beck Protocol (see the left side-bar)

[no such protocol appears in the side bar]

2) MSM/LIPH kills many microbes so it would be very helpful

[MSM links to a product advertised as MSM but is apparently just sulfur]

3) MSM/Chlorine Dioxide (i.e. MSM/CD on the left side-bar)

[MSM doesnt kill anything and Chlorine Dioxide is so reactive it decomposes instanltly on contact]

The “High RF Frequency Protocol” deals with killing microbes, energizes cells. The “plasma” version is recommended for Parkinsons."

Sorry, none of these things are effective at killing microbes inside the body.

>"You are harassing me, and i don't like it."

Tough noogies. If you like being a laughing stock feel free to continue.


that site is full of nonsense. It is a conspiracy type site that should be taken lightly.

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