Far infrared heating pad with jade stones. FIR

Hi, I wanted to share something that has helped me with my body aches. Few months ago I investedin a far infrared heating pad with jade stones. The pad is heavy becauseof the jade stones, I bought a small heating pad so I can move it around and not only lay on it but cover it say my shoulder or my head. It strengthens your body's Chi, it's made a tremendous difference in my pain level, Mobility, and how I generally feel. I would highly recommend it to anybody. There's a lot of information on FIR waves on the internet. Has anybody else used one? I bought a Dr Hulda Clark's and I'm very happy with it Mary

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  • parkie13

    What are the measurements of your pad?

    Thank you!

  • Stone area is 9 inches by 13 inches width 60 stones. The pad itself is about 15 by 18. Right now it's hard to find one of those pads they are all on HANJIN containers being held hostage to bankruptcy on the ships.

  • parkie13

    They have them on Amazon.

    Thank you!!

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