Effects from weather?

OK this might be a totally ridiculous question but do you think the weather effects your PD symptoms? Yesterday we had lots of storms and I felt so horrible all day long and this is the second time that I noticed this happened to me. Probably happened many more times only didn't make the correlation. What do you think, am I making a crazy connection here?

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  • Good morning Theresa,

    I think this disease is capable of anything, including being affected by the weather. When I found out that the dry skin in my ears was from PD I just thought, what isn't?! We all seem to have a plethora of symptoms and weather and storms have electricity in them, so.... I'm in California, the land of forest fires and drought, but if we ever get weather again I will pay attention and let you know if it affects me.

  • I haven't noticed rain or storms making a difference, but extreme cold & extreme hot bothers my symptoms.

  • TheresaCurley

    Not at all crazy my friend. I have strong reactions to the weather. Especially hot weather. I also heard a fireman say the other day that changes of weather from one season to another, has an affect on us, and to rest more.

    Take good care of yourself, and trust your body.

    Lovingly, Eva G. :)

  • Low pressure definitely affects your whole body, usually at time it is all achy. My husband and I both have noticed the pain level going up during strong low pressure. I have this old barometer at the house and it is always right.

  • Now that makes sense...the low pressure thing.

  • Definitely! I don't do well in humid weather.

  • It's a combination of rapid swings in low to high barometric pressure and vice a versa, coupled with swings in humidity.... The same problems that influence arthriitic joint pain.

  • Definitely not ridiculous. @theresaCurly, i can't take the heat and high humidity at all . i ache on all edges but worse i feel like passing out. so i stay in AC , until dusk and before there is mosquitoes out. they seem to love sweat. so it has been a miserable summer , like always.

    i'm so happy when the humidity is down along with the heat. i'm 82, and still get hot flashes.i will let you know about winter, it's been awhile.

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