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Why is standing up and walking so painful?

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's in December 2014. I cannot walk very far because of pain in my legs and a general feeling of weakness and my knees are trembly. I have been blaming it on the steroids (currently on 6mg daily) which I take for my GCA, but have now come to the conclusion that it is a sympton of the Parkinson's. Can anyone explain the mechanism behind this? OK, I *am* 85 and it may be 'just old age', but *would* like to know what is happening. Any suggestions of treatment? I try to go a short (20 minuits) walk, ie around the block, each day, but am very tempted to just sit down and watch TV or read, with frequent walks around the room.

I have a weekly group hydrotherapy session, with a physio, and go to a weekly sitting-down exercise group, where we have a chatter and laugh while exercising.

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I have the same issue. Do not stop walking! If you stop, it get worst. My mother had the same issue and finally stopped walking and became bound to a wheel chair. You have to keep moving to maintain yourself. I know how easy it is to just want to sit all the time with shaky legs, but we have to keep going.

Good luck and keep moving to stay free.


Trenny, your group sounds terrific! I know sometimes a walk can feel unbearable when your legs feel painful and weak, so I really applaud you for hoofing it around the block anyway. Do you use a cane or walker, and if not, would those help?


Yes, both I and my husband have walkers!


i had similar pain when i was on neupro patch, as soon as i started carbo/levodopa the smallest dose, the pain disappeared.


This is very definitely the Parkinson's. The docs give it the understated name "stiffness" - more like crippling pain and contraction if inadequately treated. Are you taking carbodopa/levodopa in any form? Because that did relieve my "stiffness".

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