Fight the good fight

This is my life I fight and always will no matter how tired I get were do I start well here it goes Epilepsy uncontrolled..Trigeminal Neuralgia Dieases..Fibromyalgia..Hemiplegic Migraine..Diverticulitis..Pancreatitis..Morphea Dieases..Osteoporosis..Reynauds Dieases..and my good old friend Parkinsons Dieases.. twice iv nearly died but the 3 strokes and cancer never got and trust none of these are to eaither I'm here to stay xxx

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  • You have quite a list of problems. A fighting spirit is good when it comes to health problems. With all of these things how is the quality of your life? Are you able to get around and fend for yourself? How old are you? Do you have family that helps you? I believe the fight gets harder the older we get.

  • No a snail would beat me a race lol I have a electric wheelchair and a lift indoors I have a carer who comes in every day makes sure I'm ok I can't be left alone cause of epilepsy as Meds can't control the fits and now pd is bad but my tremers will get better in time so I'm told oh and I'm 45

  • Oh my dear, I am so sorry you have all these problems at such a young age. My oldest son is close to your age, he is 44 and will turn 45 next May.

  • I guess that's life I just take a day at a time and keep fighting my family keeps me strong and I keep my smile xx

  • Praying!

  • Praying for the the person I use to be in miss my dancing feet and feeling free

  • Keep it up-you're winning

  • I'm trying my best xx

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