i have simpler condition to Parkinson but recently my neurologist here in the uk believe that i have td tremors rather Parkinson but the us where i was living said i have msa sincei came off the specialist advice the Parkinson meds so i am taking 160mg propranolol with anti depression and kazza 750mg twice day for my seizures what does propranolol do? soes it gelp my conditiin and it safe with all my other medications?

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    Propranolol is a medication of the beta blocker type. It is used to treat high blood pressure

    see also:

    Teh Google is your friend. When you are prescribed a new medication you should always review the prescribing information from or other site of your choice. They also have an interactions checker here: that you should use to check interactions. I was unable to do this for you because "kazza" was not on their list.

    Doctors can be intimidating, however, you need to stand up for yourself, ask, and make sure you understand the doctor's reasons for prescribing a medicine.

  • Good advice on standing up for yourself with doctors. I always go in with a list of questions, usually I take much more time with the doctors than they want to give and few are happy to see me. But I get my answers!

  • my doctors or specialist in the uk don't listen to me and lost my medical report from the us so they say this and that and tell me to come back in six months or a year time

  • i soelled it wrong keppa for seizures

  • Hi Alan. Propranolol is given to people with essential tremor, not parkinson's, to ease tremors. It is also prescribed for high blood pressure, anxiety and a few other related disorders.

  • And btw, I have a couple words for your U.K. doctors: You're fired! You deserve attention more frequently than every six months!

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