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What happens when the caregiver gets sick

Hi everyone it's been a crazy week. Last week I had chest pains went to the hospital for three days, I was so nervous not for my self but for my husband who has CBD. Because our daughters are an hour away I didn't want him to be alone he said he was fine. But he didn't eat right so today I'm back in the hospital with the same time they are running more tests. So please all you caregivers out there make sure to take care of yourself it's important for you and the patient. Going to have a catharation tomorrow.

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Marg52, wishing you a speedy and complete recovery. You have an important message. To help someone else, we need to make sure we put the oxygen mask on ourselves first or so the analogy goes.


As a personal assistant (my 'fancier' term for caregiver) to my parents for many years, I fully agree with your advice.

Rest and mental breaks (however brief) are important for every team member --- because the PWP and the 'personal assistant' really are a team! Take care!

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Hi in the same boat here. Hubby is my caretaker but he stayed in the hospital with me and hurt his sciatic nerve. So now we're trying to take care of ourselves. Be well Judy


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