systemic enzymes

I must share this article from

some doctors think viruses are involved in pd I've read. this article tells how you can knock out viruses (which are immortal) with enzymes (same enzymes you use for laundry) I think I know where they got the idea, but, later. enzymes,that eat their(viruse's) coat, and you can get them at a health store!

an adjunct to antioxidant diet?

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  • "all disease states breathe glycogen (sugar stored as a solid in liver is another sugar, glycon I think) in blood stream.

    "all disease states need an acidic environment" and you can raise ph of your blood stream with backing soda?!?!

  • I have never heard of glycogen being "breathed". Glycogen is stored sugar that the liver releases as glucose into the bloodstream as the body requires it for conversion to energy by insulin.

  • the sugar stored in liver is called one thing and sugar that is in bloodstream and goes to the brain is called glucose.

    breathed was in quotes in article, she said bacteria and viruses live in anerobic environment and sugar was what gave them breath or maybe life, activated them?

    you should read article. very clear.

  • I would read the article but the address you give does not exist.


    I've a couple of her articles.... also google extreme enzymes...fascinating

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