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i'm going to concentrate on antioxidents and magnesium rich foods. gobi berries have superlative antioxidant powers, can be cultivated zone 3. sumac the herb/spice is also top of the list (google it) and easy to incorporate into diet. pumpkin seeds are very rich in magnesium, and a sleep aid. (rich in tryphtphan which is precursor to melatonin...which makes you sleepy, that and turkey, I"ll vouch for.

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  • Good morning! As I read, I can tell that everyone is as frustrated with Parkinson's meds as my husband and I are! His tremors are the worst in both arms and nothing he takes helps. Roy is right, the meds don't do anything but try to help the problem, but then they end up giving you another pill to help with the side effects you are having from the first med. It is a vicious circle of confusion and sometimes we try to cut back on the carb/levo from 5 a day and we have gotten down to 3 a day, but then my husband says he feels bad so we go back to 5, we do this gradually.He is so frustrated that he just wants to stop everything. I have tried some essential oils, coconut oil, whatever I can get my hands on to read. If I could find a natural way to make things better for him, there is no doubt that we would quit everything. Going to the neurologist has become a joke because if you say you are doing good, then the visit is short, if you say you have a problem,then they prescribe another pill!!

    They want my husband to have the DBS surgery so bad that they told him at our last appt that yes, if he had the surgery he could ride his motorcycle again. My husband is almost 78 and I know he couldn't handle the motorcycle with or without the surgery. I was so upset at them giving him false hope. He has dementia too and he said he would think about it but, his short term memory is so bad that if I don't bring it up, he never thinks of it again.

    I feel so sorry for him and so helpless in not being able to make things better!!

  • You sound like us. My husband is a whole lot younger. His tremors are what's most annoying with no relief at all. He feels the neurologist appointments are a waste. Done the oils and coconut too.

    I am so scared of DBS. I thank God for every day though. I hope everyone has a great day😊🙏

  • there's more than coconut oil. there;s antioxidents (paleo diet) there's probiotics (check out there's ketones and insulin resistance to

    oh yah. leaky gut and brain barriers all about it at very comprehensive.

  • I encourage you to read Dr. Maldonaldo's book on Drugs vs. Mucuna. This is available on Amazon.

    It might be a worthwhile alternative to the pharmacological merry-go-round and, at the same time, assist in avoiding the inevitable toxicity of standard PD meds, or at least mitigating the effects.

  • tobebo

    I say DITTO to your first paragraph. My hubby is almost 84 and having more problems walking...tremor has never been problematic. But everything slows more and more, with insomnia being huge too after more than 12 years of this disease. Thankfully no dementia so far. Would love to have a doctor who knows alternative medicine over the use of drugs. But we live far from specialists like this. Most neuros are limited with drugs...though at tImes they are helpful. Hope to know more about adding macuna to my man's meds.

    God bless and help you and all who tire of nothing but drugs to do their thing.


  • Hi Schubez! I wanted to tell you that forever my husband had days of no sleep. Our nights were so long because he went to bed and an hour later he was up. Needless to say that after 2 days of that it was horrible. He would be able to sleep during the day but I couldn't. His neuro put him on 3 l00 mg of Gabapentin which is listed as a painful nerve disorder med. It helps so much and some people take as much as 9 of those throughout a day. I sometimes give him 2 if we are going to be in the car for an hour or more and it helps relax him. He suffered from nervous legs for a long time that caused a problem with sleep to but he hasn't had a problem for a long time. Maybe you can give this a try. Ask your doctor about it.

    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more conversation!

  • tobebo

    Thank you much for your reply. So many problems with PD...but one day at a time, we press on, right? God is our source and strength all the time...without Him we would be without any hope.

    My man has tried Gabapentin already and it didn't help him at all. Glad it is helping your husband well. That is great! My husband has hallucinations most every night, which interfere with what sleep he might get. I give him homeopathic sleep aids and teas that are for relaxation plus liquid melatonin.. Not always do these do the trick. So many days leave him tired and worn out. It is a tough road.

    I enjoy watching "Know the Cause' on T.V. , 7:30 p.m. PT. They share belief that candida causes many, many maladies. You might want to check this out. Just google the title. I have heard many times that death begins in the colon and believe that is true. I have started him on their Beta Glucan.

    Let's keep connected. Best to you and yours.


  • Can u describe one or two of what u call hallucinations? Do u know the cause of them?

    Thank u

  • We believe they are a result of being on Sinemet for a long time. He doesn't have these daytime...but almost every night he has visions of animals and/or people in his room...some walking or crawling on the wall. Sometimes people are in bed with him. Last night he said a cat was on the rug and he tried to swat him out of the room! It sure disturbs his sleep and yet all seem very real to him.

    Sorry I have been ill a while and only now am up to a regular routine.

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