Hip and Back Pain

I was very saddened by this past weekend. I was in so much pain in my back (pain is a symptom of my Parkinson's) I had to use a wheelchair to get into the ER. I had to be treated in the wheelchair as I could not lay down on the gurney. After some morphine and later a hydrocodone..felt reasonably well.

Update 11/12/2016

Mayo Clinic - "Hip pain can sometimes be caused by diseases and conditions in other areas of your body, such as your lower back. This type of pain is called referred pain."

Tuesday of next week is an appointment with orthopedic doctor about my hip. The following results cannot be confirmed until then or after further tests.

1. Several years ago after an MRI, it was discovered that I had a compressed disc.

2. Several months ago my hip began hurting severely.

3. I saw my first ortho doc who xrayed my hip and found no problem with the hip joint. He prescribed pain med. After a pain medication route saw no success:

4. I returned to my family doctor and he suggested I make app with ortho again.

5. Today I found myself unable to rise out of the cushioned chair in my living room per the painful hip. My wife and adult son were with me and we began discussing my condition and trying to determine the cause of this pain. The pain would come several times a day. I was growing concerned what to do if I had to doo or go to bed and could not rise out of the chair.

6. Finally my son suggested I curve my spine forward by bending my torso forward. As I did I lifted myself out of the chair without the slightest pain.

Lesson: Be your own patient advocate.

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  • RoyProp

    I am so soorry to hear about this!!!

    I hope you feel much better soon <3

    Hugs, Eva G.

  • By 24 hours the pain killers did their job and I reduced to taking Ibuprofen 200mg.

    Only relic of the experience, twinges of hip pain. Earlier before the back pain, right hip pain (same side affected by Parkinson's) I can say was nearly as severe. The doc xrayed and said it wasn't the joints. I mentioned my Parkinson's, as if he could not tell, but he made no comment. He more or less was unfamiliar with relationship or that pain was a symptom.

  • Yeah, It's unbelievable how doctors can even think that pain is not a symptom of PD,, but my neuro actual said that too. I'm thinking about looking for a neuro that specializes in PD the one I have specializes in sleep disorders. Yes I know I should look for a Movement Disorder Specialist -- but there aren't any in Arkansas.

  • The pain i have with pd is unlike any pain i have had in the past. Strange pain in my feet,hands,legs and arms. All other pain can be explained by muscle strains or joint pain.

    For me PD pain feels like deep pain, around the bone, burning or cold or tingly in my feet.

    Don't blame PD for all pain. Explore other causes first to make sure something else is not wrong.

    Glad you feel better

  • your description of burning feet might indicate zinc deficiency....especially common in males, older males. last I heard, zinc deficiency was conducive to prostate problems

  • sounds awful. how long have you been a parky and I remember you've tried coconut oil but have you tried nutrtinal approach. have you tried to localize your problem....are you insulin resistant, digestive system compromised, hardened arteries (treated for blood pressure?) vasopressin I think is the hormone that controls that.....kdney problems? if not I think prognosis should be good. you might try a naturepath. i'm suggesting that your pd symptoms are secondary.

  • Dx four years earlier. The pain did not feel secondary. I am getting by handily w/ the symptoms, even with the tremor and restless leg, and the tense muscles, so I guess we can say I am treating Parkinsonnn's as a secondary issue in my life.

  • I mean your pd is not cause of your pain (unless it's due to strain of dragging foot around and your skeloten is out of wack.) just described my condition and i'll be getting hip replacement at this rate.

    have you tried a chiropractor? I went to one once years ago, did wonders....I could hear my spine.

  • I heard things about restless leg, like, it's due to magnesium deficiency. this is old info so run it by your doc.....test for it?

    magnesium deficiency is not uncommon and has to be accompanied with another mineral, I can't recall the name....probably calcium.

  • Not Restless Leg Syndrome and not Periodic limb movement disorder as I read the symptoms. Mine is more like rhythmic leg movement throughout the day and occasional jerky leg at night in bed.

  • when the pain is severe I will stay with the er docs remedy

  • so you should, like my neuro said, it's your body. i'm just sharing, i'm rusty on the subject so have been boning up on google.

  • Hope you are feeling better

  • Much better. On 9/20 is my annual app with my neurologist. I will discuss my hip and back pain and ask if attributed to Parkinson's as just another symptom. I will ask for a refillable prescript for hydrocodone/acetaminophen and cyclobenzaprine. I will also ask about fentanyl as a safer substitute for hydro...

    My uncle said: "For prolonged use of strong Hydrocodone the doc has put me on 75 Mg Fentanyl, My kidneys are already damaged from heavy Hydrocodone use over 25 years."

  • Roy, you prefer all those to taking l dopa?

  • Once or twice a year compared to six times a day, maybe, one drug over another. Maybe L would prevent the pain, maybe not. I will be more knowledgeable after my app with my neurologist.

  • Sometimes a good whopping blast of drugs is just what you need and I'm glad you got it.

  • So sorry Roy. Hope it doesn't happen again.

  • Sorry to hear your experience. I will be interested to hear how you go at your appt 9/20.

    All the best.

  • Yes, I will be bringing news back to my Parkinson's family.

  • Hip or back pain not a symptom.

    Starting Amantadine tomorrow.

    Prognossis: as I was dx four years earlier, I am 68yo now, I should expect to still be able to walk two years from now even thou Parkinson's will be worse.

  • All the best. Hope it goes well.

  • I'm11 years post diagnosis and on 4x75mg Stalevo, 8mg ropinirole CR, 1mg rasagiline. As the years progress, while on long walks, I've been having more and more back pain, which is moderately painful, but not bad enough to stop me walking. I've found that for me this is linked to dystonia causing me to stoop, lean and rotate. This causes my back pain. The solution that works for me, I can't speak for anyone else, is to have an extra dose of Stalevo.


  • For pain you might try EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). Only use California products with a harvest date of 2015 or newer. Bottle should be kept in a cool (not cold) place outside of refrig away from direct sunlight exposure and bottle discarded after about two months opening. Works like ibuprofen without negative side-effects.

  • What's the dose you take?

  • I never worked out a dose. I simply ate it with just about anything that it went with. I had some joint pain at the time (mostly knee). It helps if you like it (which I did). I believe I put it on toast and pizza often.

  • I hope your appt. goes well. I agree with Hikoi, I'm not sure why you don't take C/L, but take other things. I've taken it for around 8 yrs & have only had to go from 3 -4 per day & it helps a lot & have very little side effects, if any. I understand everyone is different, but maybe it would make you feel a lot better?? Wouldn't that be worth it?

  • I was on C/L for several weeks and noticed no beneficial effect, no change in symptoms

  • That's too bad. I wish you the best on the 20th. I hope the doctor can give you something to help & give you some relief.

  • No change in symptoms? - tremor is very difficult to control and is often not controlled by c/l Roy especially as time progresses. I wonder about other symptoms like relief of pain, swallowing, strength of voice, speed of movement, constipation, .... Hope you get your questions answered on 20th Roy.

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