What do you eat?

What  do you eat?

I feel compelled to share this with you this morning!

I have started following a lifestyle and eating change that I get from the book called "Wahl's Protocol."

After one month of eating the suggested foods and changing my lifestyle, I am seeing much improvement in my moods and my walking.

This book is written by Terry Wahl, MD, who contracted MS, and then proceeded to cure, yes cure, herself with this way of living and eating.

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  • I am newly diagnosed with Pd & started following the Wahls Protocol book/diet 2 weeks ago. Too soon to tell if it is going to help my tremors, but hopefully it will stop the progression. I upped my walking & joined a wellness club for yoga & other exercise. It is a tough diet but I am trying to avoid meds. This lifestyle makes sense; can not see how it can do harm. I also have an appt with a doctor of integrative medicine in 6 weeks.

  • I would love to hear progress reports when you can. It sounds really hopeful. :-)

  • Ii is my lifeline right now. Please pull up Dr Terry Wahls on the internet & read her Tex talk. I started the diet reading her website. I ordered her book for $11 & read cover to cover, making grocery list , etc as I went. I have not implemented many of her recipes but have completely changed my way of eating. Fruit smoothies with some of the greens in them; not bad. Fruit salad for breakfast with cold pressed virgin coconut oil on it. I am trying to work my way into the Wahls paleo plus diet; it is the most restrictive but it is what she lives on.

    I am new to this website, so do not know how to find this thread again after a few weeks. You may have to ask me for a progress report.

  • Thanks, I will do that. Best of luck! :-)

  • I bought the book after hearing her TED talk. I'm adding more fruits, vegetables and nuts in my diet. I'm also taking Mucuna and am looking forward to seeing some positive changes in the coming months

  • mercola.com has something to say about paleo diets...examine his science you'll see similarity, plus. he's a doctor. delivers the nitty gritty, very comprehensive. I've learned a lot from his emails.

  • Dr Wahls is a dr also

  • in dr mercola's latest email, he describes the differences between the paleo and mediteranian diet. he personally advocates on the ratio of a diet which he says shoud be heavier on vegies and fats, lower on meats, makes some kind of sense to me,

  • 999---666

    The fact that Dr. Wohl cured herself of MS in 7 mo, is all the proof I need that this diet works👍😎😊

  • Dr Wahls does not claim to have cured herself. She still has MS. But she got her life back. And it took her years to do this;she had to figure all of this out & try it on herself first. We are so lucky that she did. Now all we have to do is read her websites and pay $11 for her book. She has done all of the work for us.

  • Kswood

    I stand corrected! So sorry!

  • Great book. Good advice. I follow this diet and have had good results.

  • haven't read the book, how about a synopsis? what's main idea? no sugar? processed foods?

    heard in the news of some us university dieticians (researchers I guess) that were paid I think it was, by a sugar concern/industry to blame fats for heart disease instead of sugar consumtion.

  • Mercola is an osteopath. In US They can be called a dr. Don't think that's true elsewhere.

  • don't really know difference, not too impressed by the lot of them, all I know is that mercola is generous with useful and even vital info that others don't have patience/time to discuss with us primitives......they don'y appreciate knowledgeable clients. last I spoke to neuro he said "it's your body" I was surprised because i assumed that was foregone......

    never heard of leaky gut before mercola, didn't know immune system was in gut, etc., etc., still incorporating info.

    spoke with secretary in neuro's office yesterday, asked for his email address, she said he didn't have one (he certainly has a display, I saw it) I said I wanted to be tested for mercury and I wanted to know if I needed a prescription for medical charcoal.....probably felt challenged by this presumpteous biddy. social medicine for you.

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