Perspective on the Gut and Parkinson's Disase

PERSPECTIVE on Gut and Parkinson’s

Recently there have been some Posts on indications that the inflammation process that destroys dopamine producing neurons in our Substantia Nigra originates in our Gut, reaching our brain via the vagus nerve. Think about it, this is good news, at last the cause of Parkinson’s has been identified. Which comes from the blog, Reporting on research conducted in Scandinavia?

I am 12 years past diagnosis. with the untold millions of dollars spent on research here in the United Stares during these years. How is it possible that some of these US scientists are not shouting this good news? Aren’t they looking for the cause of PD? Actually, their research is more focused. They already know what they are looking for. Their a priori assumption, is that the Protein alpha Synucleon causes the disease. Rather then looking for the cause of the disease, they are looking for alpha synucleon causing our disease. Think about it, this distinction is enormous. They are no closer to finding a cure for PD.

Yet because so many researchers are given huge grants to look for how alpha synucleon causes PD, and because their Careers hinge on the Theory that there is only one (already known) cause

of PD. The outcome is Career sustaining for the researchers. As contrasted to explaining the actual cause of this disease that affects we PWP.

This is hugely important, in that understanding how Parkinson’s is acquired, will lead to understanding Markers which will lead to early treatment interventions and even prevention.

Back to the first paragraph. The indications that the inflammation process that destroys dopamine producing neurons in our Substantia Nigra originates in our Gut, reaching our brain via the vagus nerve. What are the indications?

A Study found that compared to healthy controls, people with Parkinson’s disease appear to have distinctly different gut bacteria. Study led by University of Helsinki Institute of Biotechnology in Finland, published in journal, Movement Disorders.

Researchers at Arahus University in Demark report (Ann Neurol 2015 May 29) that from all indications, Parkinson’s disease begins in the gut and spreads to the brain via the vagus nerve.

Between 1970 and 1995, an accepted treatment for ulcers was to cut all or part of the vagus nerve. They noted that individuals whose vagus nerve was severed didn’t develop Parkinson’s

Disease as frequently sd the general population. Their risk was halved over 20 years.

Chronic inflammation mediated by microglial cells is the fundamental process contributing

to the death of dopamine (DA) producing neurons in the brain. Production of inflammatory products (cytokines) by these microglial cells.

Vagus nerve fibers running from the gut to the brain end up in special nuclei within the brain stem (nucleus tractus solitaries and dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus. Inflammation signals from the gut come to these nuclei resulting in microglial activation, stimulating the microglial cells to travel to the substantia nigra and other areas that are damaged in Parkinson disease.

What about the indications? First, the findings that severing the vagus, with the ulcer patients was found to be preventative grabs my attention.. We all have experiences with gut issues. Plan to explore the opportunities in probiotics (managing number and kinds).

Appreciate those who initiated posting on this subject..

Again, a perspective.


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  • i'm convinced of this possibility, but for your information according to info article from this site, they only suspect neuro damage, there is no proof......which is good news, if it's true.

  • 999—666

    Your reply is well stated. The research about the Gut is indicative, not conclusive. Then what is the “good news”? First as I have attempted to suggest, in the Post, that Scientists are looking for what causes PD beyond alpha synucleon. Here they are looking at inflammation. Where did it come from?

    My understanding is that the proximate cause of dopamine producing neurons destruction is cytokines from microglial cells (inflammation). My Neurologist has recommended supplements of (ibuprofen), under Primary Care Doc’s supervision) or Vitamin C (dose is 3 grams daily). I was already at stage two when diagnosed. Disease must of began years before. Gut issues where there then. The previous treatment of stomach ulcers by severing the vagus nerve , being protective of Parkinson’s Disease, is very suggestive. The Gut is prospectively, something I can impact. I am looking into probiotics. The best news is that finally causes other than alpha synucleoln are being researched, in this I find hope.


  • What are the recommendations to remedy this...probiotics, severing the vagus nerve or??

  • Boyce3600

    Good question. I assume that like myself you are a diagnosed Parkinson’s Patient. Given you are a Patient, the disease has already arrived in the Substantia Nigra where the large majority of Dopamine Producing Neurons have already been destroyed by the activated Microglial cells. I am considering the opportunities for myself. I recommend that each Patient, undertake their own consideration.

    In this regard, I am looking at the opportunities to reduce levels of inflammation and promote the health of my colon. Consider possible gluten senility, ant-flammatory foods, and a balanced probiotic and prebiotic. Consider health of the gut wall (dysbiosis and leaky gut). For supplements am considering Magnesium Malate, NAC and Curcumin. The opportunities being reduced inflammation (inhibit microglial activation) and gut wall health.


  • just this am I received my daily email from indicting sugar and body 's preference to burn ketones rather than glucose. also a lot of static about probiotics for correcting what they call leaky gut. you need a large variety (apparently they have identified about 30 varieties) of good gut bacteria to correct overgrowth of bad bacteria (candida) and colonies of about 30 million of good bacteria. preferably stored in glass bottle.

  • more recently, they have discovered that stomach ulcers are caused by lowly bacteria. probably/possibly this bacteria is one of the culprits, migrated to bloodstream and past brain barrier.

  • We are also reading a lot about gut health, and putting effort into eating the right sort of diet to feed our little colon buddies. It certainly seems that the gut-brain connection is very important and under-rated.

  • national diet does not consider this, so we have to do it for ourselves.

    just saw Justin bieber's latest photo on magazine cover....looks like a young man that has been eating too many of those something cremes that I've been fantasizing about. somebody needs to tell that kid about manfood.

  • It does not have to be either/or - it can be both-and: a disease process starting in the gut that involves inability to properly process alpha synuclein. Lewy bodies have been found in the gut.

  • I am reading Brain Maker by David Perlmutter -- he supports your ideas. Check it out. I have had PD 14 years and DBS last year with ok but not satisfactory results. I stopped shaking but there are other complications. Anyway... Very interesting about the chemical processes of digestion. Add benefits of exercise...

  • park_bear

    Wanted to make a couple of points in my post. Seems to me that the overwhelming amont of research for the past decades on alpha synucleon has actually limited the opportunity for success. Further, the issue of gut flora is something that patients can choose to impact.

    At the same time, I don’t want to suggest that a cure would have much impact on patients like myself who have had PD for many years.


  • Have you read the earlier posts on N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine partially restoring dopamine neurons?

    I started this with R-Lipoic Acid and L-Carnitine and for a few days I was convinced I was dying. Then I started to feel really good and read somewhere else that these three kill all the bad bacteria in the gut and feeling like you are dying is all the toxins being released by the bad bacteria as they die. I read the Blaylock wellness report which recommends this combination amongst other things. I still feel fantastic a month later much better than before I started the combination. I buy Life Extension from iherb (online). Cheers and all the best. Bitsy

  • Look at Blaylock Auigust 2016 report. Agree Life Extension is a good source.


  • I also follow the Wahls protocol and feel much better for that too. Cheers again. Bitsy

  • Schubez-new here. Enjoy reading all these comments and ideas from research. My husband is a parky now for over 12 years, and almost 84. Always trying to find more natural ways to help him have better quality of life. Insomnia and weak legs are huge problems for him right now. Know that prayers help and our faith keeps us going with HOPE! My heart goes out to all suffering this disease. I pray all may find the peace found only in knowing God personally.

    I will keep following these comments and very thankful for them.


  • Welcome and THANK YOU for prayers. I pray for all here and now you are included.

  • Boyce3600

    Hope I get this right? All new to me. Thanks for prayers ...power is in them like nothing else!


  • @boyce3600 It is great to be part of a support group like this! There is none in our small town.

    Thank you all for your contributions. We need each other. I thank God for this opportunity.

    Blessings on all,


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