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Chains & Pains

Chains & Pains

When I wake I can not move no matter what you may think I can do. I have this thing called Parkinsons. Im so sorry my sons family and friends who it has fallen on.

The chains that hold me you can not see. Only if only a cure could unlock me.I am still the person you used to know just in a body that daily slows.

I see fustration in your eyes, I wish I could help you not just make you cry.

As if I had gone all in with a blank poker face. I stare and stay still as you cry.

But don’t think for a minute that I don’t care, its what I have the PD that holds my stare, not my heart fore I do care. Just remember it's not the cards your dealt it's how we play them that will matter most.

As I struggle not to fall I shuffle along shoulders shrugging but without swinging and yes I do have many deep feelings .

I feel the stares but do not really care my true friends are waiting and I need to get there. So sit there make jokes and stare I dont really care I wish you all well , fore I was once there.

If you know or knew me you already know I am no coward but very much private and prouder than you just may know.

I dont know how to give up on anything or anyone and have always tried to inspire.

So when you see me trip and fall don’t you pay no worry or sorrow ..just be witness as I get up agian, again and again cause I wont give up.

Sorrow oh sorrow is not what I need just a hand to hold onto to make me stand taller and free..

Every challange every day I wont ever turn away. So I ask you to make the best of every single one of your days. So I may live through you in every kind of way.

Slowly so slowly the chains get heavy, slowly but surely the pains get deeper. But please know even at my weakest point my love for you is as strong as those chains and as deep as my worst pains .. I will always be here for you time and time again.

I will always try to laugh not cry because, I love to see the piece in your eyes, but even with my great pride i will try not to hide the things I have inside.

This thing they call PD keeps taking, taking and taking from me. it may slow me down but it will never break me.

To my family & friends dance on and Never Give Up


Dedicated to all that have and are suffering from this misunderstood and horrible desease called Parkinsons..we are warriors to the end.

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😢 Keep strong my friend..

Make it live with you...!!

Not you live with it...!!

There will be a cure out there somewhere...

But until they find it try to keep your chin up & keep smiling.. 😊😃


You speak for many. Your post made me cry! Hang in there dear. I know a cure is coming.



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I too cried, so well said.


That was so beautiful wrote & actually brought tears to my eyes . Yes , Warriors till the end


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