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Adolf Hitler, Parkinson's Man of Evil. Yes he had Parkinson's disease

Sidelined by Parkinson's disease 3 1/2 years ago after a 35 year surgical career, I refocused any residual skills to defining "verities of life" through historical fiction in some of the world's major leaders who suffered from motor disorders. Hitler's Parkinson's disease influenced him the person, if not the war. The facts in this historical fiction are consistent with history. I hope that I provided a perspective of what was going through Hitler's and as he faced combined deterioration of his physical condition while he was progressively losing the war.

The short story will be offered for free on both Sunday and Monday, September 4 and 5. For those who cannot wait, it is available now for $.99. As you might have surmised, this is a not-for-profit effort.

My other 2 Parkinson books are stories about King David of Goliath fame (World's 1st Parkinson's Hero) and Lorenzo de Medici (The Godfather of the Renaissance had a major motor disorder but not likely Parkinson's. This book should be of interest to history buffs and lovers of Florence.). The latter 2 books are readily will also with the same deal is above for $.99 each.

For further information see my website at

Creative writing is therapy for patients with PD.

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Thanks Park Bear.....

The website is WWW.CRVOYLES.COM

I gave a lecture this week about King David having PD. It might be of interest.

Randy Voyles aka tribselyov


Gosh he didn't have much going for him did he?


dreaming about a BMW how interesting


ironic you have become disenchanted with the male construct "w"


Hello Bitsy,

Please can you explain what us meant by "the male construct "w"."



I suspect she is referring to the shape of "w" as the shape of female mammary glands. Phonetically and in reality, it should be "double U" as "double V's" may be less appealing.

See my lecture given last week about PD and Altered Prisms of Perspective.



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