Azilect - take it in the evening or in the morning?

What do you think is best - or does it matter? It is giving me more energy but I also struggle with sleepiness in the evening and especially if I drink wine in the evening. Not sure if this is due to Azilect or if I would have a better result if I took Azilect in the morning instead of the evening. The bottle says "may cause drowsiness" which is why I take in the evening. I am not sure how Azilect causes drowsiness and also gives more energy but it does seem to have that effect. I have only been taking Azilect for a couple of months and I see some improvement in tremor, but I have also been exercising a lot more the past couple of months and I believe that has a direct impact on the tremor. It seems a lot of us are taking Azilect, what are your thoughts?

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  • I've always taken it in the morning so I'm asleep if it 'runs out'. Also I was already taking a non-PD related tablet in the evening.

  • Thanks I'll try it in the morning. I hope you are getting good results from the Azilect.

  • I take one in the morning and one in the evening (before dinner). I also take amantadine twice a day (and C/L 4 per day). A few days ago I went to bed and I was shaking quite a bit and couldn't figure out why. I took another C/L and it helped a little. The next morning I woke up and opened my pill box and discovered I had not taken my Azilect or Amantadine, so I believe all 3 pills are important to keep me going. I know the thinking has changed somewhat but I still think Azilect is neuroprotective.

  • BTW, wine still makes me sleepy in the evening.

  • lag lag thank you for the info. when you visit i hope we can have a glass of wine together!

  • No doubt about it!

  • Thanks for the info laglag

  • In your opinion laglag what's the best drug for tremors thanks

  • I'm on my way out the door, I will think about that & send a reply this afternoon.

  • You the man👍

  • How you been laglag?

  • That's a tough question to answer because I think the combination of the 3 meds I take are a good fit, and I've never gone a whole day without taking all 3, but I would have to say the C/L helps with the tremor. But after thinking about it, I normally take the C/L when I first wake up and after about a 1/2 hr. the tremor goes away and then I take the Azilect and Amantadine soon after. I believe the C/L helps the tremors & movement, the Azilect helps my "fine" type movements (like typing & stirring things, etc.), and the Amantadine helps the little dyskinesia I have. And the boxing helps it all and slows the progression.

    Another thing I just thought of, I take C/L in the form of a tablet that dissolves on my tongue called Parcopa. A few years ago, out of the blue, my prescription service changed the manufacturer on the Parcopa. I noticed it was a different container but didn't look at the manufacturer until after a few days I noticed my symptoms getting worse. After a lot of phone calls I finally got them to change it back to Mylan and my symptoms improved. Some say the generic should be the same, but in that case it made a big difference. So if anyone has a sudden change in their symptoms that may be something to look into.

  • Thanks again my friend you are always a big help👍

  • My husband takes 1mg of azilect in the morning with 20mg ropinerole and 1x 125 Stelevo . Then 125 stelevo every 3 hours and 100 stelevo at 9 when he goes to bed keeps him on an even keel it's days - diagnosed 20 years ago. Exercise and diet are really important if he eats rubbish or doesn't exercise he feels rubbish !!!

  • thank you, I agree about exercise! glad your husband is stable and doing well

  • I take azilect in the morning. The warning on my bottle says "do not use with alcohol"

  • Interesting. Well at least I do not drink wine in the mornings, I will switch to morning. Thank you and btw where are you? I am in the US

  • I take it before bed to reduce the nausea and dizziness I was getting, which I thought may be from it. Seems to have worked, mostly.

  • I take it in the morning when I first get up because it is an easier regiment to keep. I have no drowsiness or side effects. I take Azilect mainly because I was told by my neurologist three years ago he believed it slows even stops progression and so far he has been correct with me. I take carbo levodopa to control my tremors a couple times a day. Exercise also helps as does just staying active.

  • Azilect is given as the first choice for treating pd it delays the progression of pd .I was told to take in the morning. Look what's written in the paper inside the box

  • It says 1xday

  • My bottle doesn't say anything about alcohol but suggests dizziness and drowsiness might occur. I am taking it in the hope it slows progression and I feel better. My tremor is better but I have also been exercising much more since taking azilect. I hope others are seeing improvement with azilect as well.

  • P-oui,

    Because of the comments of only taking 1 Azilect a day and I take 2, I was a little concerned so I checked my prescription and it is 0.5 mg twice a day. Maybe that would work for you??

  • Good call, after much trial and error I am finding that a whole pill is not tolerated perfectly so I am going to take half in the morning and half in the evening. Thank you so much laglag

  • I am so glad you asked. I am on Azilect and take it in the mornings on an empty stomach with my first dose of Sinemet then I get back in bed for awhile. When I feel the meds are absorbing I get back up and start the day. I have never taken Azilect at night.

  • It seems that no one else is experiencing headaches with Azilect. I seem to be headache prone and sleepy in the afternoon.

  • Hi p-oui. I noticed your reply to my old post and I have to update what I wrote then to convey what I am doing now. Because of some moderate elevation of b/p, I started taking my Azilect all by itself on an empty stomach but with lots of water in the middle of the night, when I get up to urinate. Have you monitored your b/p during one of your headaches?

  • Hi Buzz, I don't monitor my b/p but I wear a fitbit that monitors my heart rate. For general health, it is good to keep heart rate below 69 and I am doing that through exercise ... the lower the better. What I have come to notice about headaches generally is that I really have to watch what I drink. Very much (a third glass of wine) and I get a terrible headache and then I can't exercise and then my heart rate is up (not worrisome but over 69) and I just notice these things because the real goal is how to reduce headaches, control fatigue, keep heart rate down. MJFF had a webinar on b/p, I missed it but you can listen to the podcast. That might be helpful if you missed it.

  • thank you p-oui for the mjff tip. I'm hoping to get a fit bit wen I catch up with the 21st century. :)

  • Buzz you might also try breaking it in half and taking 2x a day

  • nope, can't tolerate a whole mg. Found out I have kidneys that do not like it.

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