MJFF has recently funded several studies on treatments

MJFF has recently funded several studies on treatments for common, but often under-addressed non-motor symptoms in people with Parkinson's, including:

•A Phase II trial to to assess the efficacy of a current anxiety medication for addressing this symptom in Parkinson's;

•A Phase I trial on the safety and tolerability of a potential treatment for slow stomach emptying and constipation, which can cause discomfort and interfere with absorption of PD medication; and

• The development of compounds to address excessive daytime sleepiness in hopes of restoring patients' natural sleep/wake cycles

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  • MJF isn't the only one. Are any of these the ones you mention Roy.


  • No

  • About time. Tremor and stiffness or not the worst ,PD symptoms. The so-called non movement non Tremor symptoms are very annoying and difficult to live with.

  • I agree. Tremor is the tip of the iceberg.

  • Can you offer anything more specific on the daytime sleepiness initiatives? I would be curious to learn more.

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