A question about Azilect

A question about Azilect

I was having problems with my emotions. I would get depressed about small things. Things like it was the end of the day and i had not done any thing constructive or that was just the end of day. I would cry about nothing. This would happen almost every night.

I have stopped taking azilect which i have taken for almost 11 years and my emotions are back to normal. Has any one had this happen to them. Are you taking azilect and having a similar problem?

This is a picture i did of Saturn from my back yard,using a 8 inch diameter telescope and a web cam.

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  • Lovely photo!

    Azilect was designed as an anti depressant, so it should maybe cheer you up!

    I have taken it for 4 months and don't feel depressed, but now get major anxiety over things I would normally have just laughed about. Seem to have lost my coping skills. Not sure if it's the PD or the azilect.

    Did the azilect always make you feel like this? 11 years is a long time.

  • I too would get major anxiety attacks that is why i had to retire could not deal with day to day problems. Has the anxiety attacks started since you started Azilect if so I (knowing what i know now) i would stop Azilect for a few weeks to see if the attacks go away. But now i cope as well as i ever did. I believe it might be the Azilect.

  • Astra, I'm not sure that Azilect was developed as anti depressant. I think it was developed specifically for PD and as an improvement on Selegiline which is an antidepressant though in higher doses than we take. From what I've read Selegiline metabolises into an amphetamine product which is why they wanted to improve it and so developed Azilect, - Rasageline

  • That's what my GP told me, but your explanation sounds more likely. My GP is very young and helpful, but knows nothing about PD. She often has to look things up while I am seeing her!

  • I had the same thing .took Azilect for 5years .getting also levodopa. last 8 month i had many problems with my hasbands health.i was deprest no energy. one day just on my own decision i stopped taking the Azilect and my life changed .I got back my anergy .my happiness .all my problems with my husbands health are still there.Its only stopping the Azilect

  • Knock on wood, I have been on Azilect for about the same time & have not had any depression.

    That is an amazing picture!

  • I've been taking it for two years. I've not noticed any adverse affects. However, what is interesting is that for thirty years, each summer I would get a depression which began in June and lifted in September. For the last two years, I've been fine. I had not appreciated that Aziclet was developed as an anti-depressant.

  • It was explained to me that men have a part of their brain which is centered on protection. Protection from harm to those who are important to him. Women are generally nurturing so much more emotional. Men are protective so cold and calculating. Parkinson's can effect that center of the brain and men like you or me can become over emotional. I have someone in my support group who was a Police Officer. He made mention that at his daughters wedding he could not stop crying and he had been trained not to show emotion.

  • It's funny, but Bailey you sound a lot like me about 3 years ago. I would jump on a treadmill and I would walk fast, walk fast up an incline, jog at 5 miles per hour. I would also do 1 min. sprints. One of the first things to go with Parkinson's is the three point turn, so I would do spins on a treadmill running at 4 mph. I would take 3 golf balls and shuffle them in my right hand and then my left while spinning on a 4 mph treadmill. At the time Parkinson's was a movement disorder and I was going to kick its butt. I would stand on one leg, hold my arms straight out with 10 lb weights, and do 180 degree turns. I was taking testosterone therapy and now I could work out like a twenty year old. Problem is that I was not tending to the mental state of my brain. The more anxiety I had the more I would push my body to burn it off. Eventually my wife became very concerned for my mental state and now I have been addressing that for a couple of years now.

  • Hal, what did you "do" for your mental state and how are you doing with the tree oil for your blepharitis? My son suffers from Anxiety and refuses Pharma meds. He takes L-theanine (3X daily), niacinamide (2X daily), and also recently Magnesium L-threonate (2X daily). He's doing much better, but still has a challenge around lunch time where he only takes the L-theanine.

  • Sorry for the delay but I am still doing the hot compress. When I get blepharitis I don't get the drainage. I or someone else notices a lump on my eye lid. Then the oil in my eyelid becomes solid. I have had 5 eyelid surgeries and Yes it hurts. I hate getting shots in my eyelids. The tree tea oil mixed with olive oil opened up the blocked pores and now it is draining. This is the first time I was able to get it to drain. So I am giving it a thumbs up while I am typing this with a hot compress on my eye. I know I am repeating my self but a lot of Zoloft and a little alprazolam took care of the anxiety which having a brain constantly in fight or flight mode wears on the brain over time.

  • That is why I took on the persona of the HAL-9000. Was he evil or just misunderstood.

  • Thanks! RE blepharitis, another thing you can do is just be constant about washing your eyelids with baby shampoo in the morn and in the evening. Also, during the day use FRESH TEARS or some other similar product 4 times during the day. It will keep your eyeballs washed/flushed. However, It seems that you have found a good solution!!!

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