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New meds added what to expect

Hi all, My husband 5 yrs dx was on stavelo x 4 a day, 6mg patch, amantadine 2 X day, 1 rasagaline at night, and 1 clomazapam 0.5 at night.

This has now changed, all still as above but at different times (more spread out)

Now added as below

1 X madopar in the morning 125mg, 1x sinemet cr at night, 1x entacpone 200g at night, 1 added clomazapam 0.5 ( so 2 of these now instead of one) at night.

The main additions are the madopar am, and the rest at 10pm, could anyone tell me what to expect as regards any changes in his behaviour or side effects to watch out for.

I know the leaflets give out info, but I prefer to hear it from the experts the Parky sufferers themselves.

Any advice greatly appreciated xxx

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This regiment is to to be kind is ridiculous. There is no meds for the day. Madopar and sinemet only last for 4 hours or so and should be taken every 4 hours or so. Entacpone is taken with every dose of sinemet it does nothing by itself.

clomazapam is for anxiety disorders. According to National Institute of Mental Health.

I would expect that about 4 hours after the morning dose your husband would start to fell his symptoms coming on and he would have down time until 11 pm when the sinemet would kick in and about 2 am he would feel his symptoms come back and would last until 1 hour or so after his morning dose.


Hi Bailey, I don't know what you mean "there are no meds for the day"

Do you just take meds first thing in the morning? And then last thing at night?

I know that Entacpone does nothing on its own but that's taken with the sinemet last thing at night?

I know there is Entacpone already in the stavelo which he takes through the day.

The madopar is taken at 6am then he takes stavelo,patch,amantadine at 8am, so that's still in time I would say?

Then he takes stavelo,amantadine at 1pm,2pm & 6pm.

Clomazapam is a benzodiazepine, which I know is for anxiety disorders, but it is also used for other conditions, like seizures, and sleep disorders, like Sleep behaviour disorder (RBD) like REM. My husband acts out his dreams,and can get violent when sleeping, hitting out etc.

He had 2 of these clomazapam last night, and slept like a baby??? ( great stuff).

Maybe the specialists do things in different ways?

His Specialist practically changed him back to 95% of himself in 12months, he's meds have just changed for first time in five years.

Just wondered any changes regarding side effects, or compulsive behaviour really. Xxx


Sorry i missed that he was still taking his old meds. If it works that's great.


Isn't Sinemet CR time realeased? So it would make sense that it would be once a day.


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