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Is rytary the same as madopar CR?

I have just had a terrible weekend due to a hopelessly ill-informed non-specialist GP (substituting for the consultant neurologist at an outpatient appt) telling me to change my 3 hourly 125 madopar to 125 madopar CR (slow release) plus 62.5 capsule. Within 24 hours I had completely lost the plot. Couldn't stop crying and could hardly move or think . Have gone back to the previous regime today and beginning to feel less out of it.

I can see there's logic in trying to smooth out my savage off/ on swings by increasing background levels of l-dopa but the madopar CR seemed to have no effect at all. I've read our American friends' posts about Rytary and I'm wondering if it's the same sort of thing as madopar cr or whether it's a different type . And if so is it available in the UK?

I'm clutching at straws but as it's 5 years since I saw a neurologist (not for want of trying!) I have to do my own research.

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No they are not the same. Rytary is a new formulation of carbidopa levodopa only been on the market for 20 months. It is a new extended release formula. I am trying it for the second

time and having good results.

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I am not sure Rytary is available in the UK. It is not the same as the CR preparations of L Dopa because it has a quick release layer which helps recover from wearing off and then a normal layer which provides a longer lasting but slower releasing Ldopa.

Where are you in the UK and why the problem seeing a consultant?

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Pen! Why no neuro?


Thanks for replies. To answer the question of why I haven't seen a neurologist for over 5 years - the hospital's new computer apparently lost me for two years and although my appointment letters always say it's with the neurologist. , every time I go Iam actually seen by a GP with an interest in neurology who helps out in the clinic once a week. She admits to knowing very little about Parkinsons. It is a waste of time going to see her but I have to play along with this charade in order to be prescribed my medication.

In the nearly 6 years since my referral I have never had my blood pressure checked let alone had any sort of neurological or other examination.

Such is the parlous state of the NHS round here -no money, very poor quality admin staff , low morale, overwhelmed services -no one cares about the patients anymore


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