Spoiler alert Downton Abby

Watching the series again and in season 6 it is revealed that Mr Carson has the Palsy. In episode 2 of season 2 you see his body shut down due to stress. I was wondering, If anyone knows if the writers were foreshadowing the onset of Parkinson's ? The show had been a three your project before it became so popular. Had the show only lasted 3 years there would not have been any connection. I was wondering if any of the fans of the series caught that or if anyone knows?

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  • I thought the same thing

  • He didn't have the palsy in the grand final at Christmas. The series is now finished . Not sure if that was your question you were asking.

  • I have a feeling you missed some episodes? It was not so much a question but an observance I just wanted to know if anybody else caught that.

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