My real name is Darryl and I come from South Africa .My brothers gave me the ridiculous nickname Dal Pop.Iam 63 years old but Iam young at heart and despite

the fact that i have had Parkinsons forthe last 17 years Iam still able to go to gym on a regular basis ,am able to work and I am able to play golf 3 times a week.I put this down to the fact that I had Deep brain surgery 11 years ago.When first diagnosed I started with the normal drugs ie sinemet requip pexola and comtan. The first 3 years were easy and I wondered why people made such a fuss about Parkinsons.Then the side effects hit me with a vengence.Isuffered terrible end of dose side effects and awfull bradykinesia .Isurvived another 2 years when I decided

enough was enough and that was when I spoke to my neurologist who agreed that surgery would be good for me. I was Dr Malan Rouxs 2nd DBS patient and the operation witch lasted 9 hrs was a huge sucsess.Ihave since lived a near normal life

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  • This is very encouraging. Thank you for posting.

  • Thanks for the encouragement. I suspect many of us will have to go down that path some day soon. What were your first indications of pd? It sounds like its progression has slowed down for you.

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