stem cell transplant

stem  cell transplant

Good morning, has anyone tried stem cell transplant. I have applied and been accepted. I have stiffness, cant walk most of the time. I am so looking forward to being able to walk, less meds etc. Please respond if you have had this procedure.

The neurologist I was going to told me several times' There is nothing more I can do for you I must be dumb because I continued to go to appts. One day it dawned on me and I started looking for other avenues.

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  • My sincere advise please don't go for Stem cells, it is not yet proven . I know personally few PD patients who have undergone this procedure with zero improvement and only they have lost money.

  • Hi Ramuu it is been a long time my email was hacked this is my new email hope you are doing well I am not doing that good

  • how did you go with your stem cell treatement

  • If you've "been accepted" as you say, it's only because you've agreed to pay their price of probably US$10-$20,000 for a procedure that will do absolutely nothing for you. Credible testimonials of people who have actually benefited will be very hard to find and, if you do find any, you will be unable to actually contact/verify their claims.

    RUN! Don't walk... they probably include Parkinson's in a long list of ailments that their magical stem cell procedure will alleviate - do NOT believe it! The only type of stem cells they can legally use (probably adipose) will NOT differentiate into the specific dopamine neurons necessary to be of any benefit to a person with Parkinson's.

    Just for laughs, next time you speak with them ask them if they can guarantee the differentiation of the stem cells into the DA neurons (dopamine producing neurons) necessary to be of benefit to a person with PD). Expect a lot of stuttering in response.

    BOTTOM LINE: Do NOT accept the sales pitch of the provider without first discussing their lofty claims with a QUALIFIED medical professional (unless you enjoy severe pain and expense for naught).

  • They might not stutter at all - they might lie to her without missing a beat that, oh yes, stem cells by definition have the ability to turn into whatever is needed.

    Kathleen - please take advantage of the expertise here and share with us who is offering to do this. We can check into it and see if they are on the level, or not.

  • PB, Perhaps by YOUR definition stem cells, in general, can "turn into" whatever is needed. To people who know of that which they speak, however (i.e. medical professionals), only embryonic stem cells (illegal in western countries), parthenogenetic stem cells (an unfertilized form of embryonic stem cells available ONLY in controlled study), or IPSCs (induced pluripotent stem cells, also currently available ONLY in controlled study) can differentiate into the DA neurons that will be of benefit to Parkinson's sufferers.

    The variety of ADULT stem cells currently offered by the scamsters DO NOT. If a legitimate procedure actually existed, the "expertise here" would be well aware of it.

  • Perhaps YOU should try ACTUALLY reading WHAT I WROTE:

    "they might ****lie**** to her without missing a beat that, oh yes, stem cells by definition have the ability to turn into whatever is needed."

  • Uh, ok (the oddly placed “oh yes” plugged into the middle of your statement confounded the flow of the point being made).

  • Excellent!

  • Check out the video on the beware of stem cell hoax thread.

  • I had a stem cell implant about two months ago---no improvement yet. The MD who handled the transplant was very up front and emphasized that the treatment does not work for everyone and to give it six months--I am also taking GLUTATHIONE intravenously 3 times a week. The group I used were not chalatans --in my opinion--and eager to help any way to ensure success. Their price was reasonable too especially when compared with some of the other stem cell groups.

  • StemGenex located in San Diego,Ca I was told by my neuro there is nothing more he can do for me. What a joke, he does not listen to my concerns. Sinemet makes me stiffing for 20 minutes, balance is off. Thank You for caring!

  • Unfortunately, it's no joke. You may choose to make use of various 'alternative' options (natural supplements, acupuncture, meditation, aerobic exercise/activity, etc.), but the standard LD/CD protocol is the full extent of what modern medicine has to offer new Parkinson's sufferers with progressively more radical remedies offered as symptoms progress.

  • Not correct. MAO-B inhibitors Azilect and selegiline are also offered to new patients.

  • And various psychotropics and an ever-expanding number of pharmaceutical options for treating the ever-expanding range of symptoms (if you want to be real pedantic about it). I was, however, referring to the star of the mainstream MD’s bag of tricks for newly diagnosed PD sufferers (the Sinemet that the original poster indicated she’d been prescribed).

  • That is NOT what you said:

    "is the ****full extent*** of what modern medicine has to offer"

  • [yawn]

  • StenGenex is a premier example of stem cell scamster. Note their long list of conditions for which their procedure using ADULT stem cells (sourced from the patients adipose fat tissue lipo-sucked from stomach or thighs) is PURPORTED to offer possible benefit. Except for a dated stock VDO of a guy who claims some benefit, you will be unable to actually find/contact a single person who has actually benefited from such a procedure because adult stem cells DO NOT differentiate into the dopamine producing neurons PD sufferers need.

  • Are you taking the immediate release or controlled release version of Sinemet? I have found the controlled release version to be far superior.

  • did you feel any difference after the treatment

  • good luck and God bless heard some positive results about this procedure let us know how you make out👍

  • A good reliable web site for general information

  • Kathleen, I recommend that you just type 'StemGenex' into the search bar (above) and read up on their operation from numerous more qualified sources before you indulge.

    ABC 10News report on stem cell scams (inc. StemGenex):

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