Going on a hiatus

I have much professional work to do and will not have time for the next month or two to answer questions. I still have to finish posting online my 4 hour PD documentary and have to make money to purchase the vimeo space plus other obligations. I am a nearly broke artist living on the edge and even when I am not on here, I will still be working at my job and multiple other projects. If I continue to post here.....none of them will get done. This is not a vacation.

In this last post I will feature a restless leg syndrome natural supplement with may help others who have this problem:


Affecting about 10% of the adult population, Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) is defined as a creepy crawling sensation in the legs with an irresistible urge to get up and move around.


Best wishes and see you in a month or two.


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  • Rich thank you very much for your very informative posts. Go well with your endeavors.

  • Thanks for letting us know. We will miss you.

    All the best with your busy life.

    Regards Denise

  • Thank you for all your helpful advice and meticulous research.

    Good luck!

  • Very kind of you to let us know. Many, many thanks for all your help, advice, posts and research. You so deserve to take some time out (from Health Unlocked at least!)

    Good luck with your endeavours and hope to hear from you again in the not too distant future - especially looking forward to the PD documentary! How about writing a book?....that could maybe produce an income for you.....have you ever considered that?

  • Wishing you much success. Thank you for all your help and excellent advice. Looking forward to your return and your documentary

  • You will be missed. Good luck with your endeavors.

  • I would like to see the documentary too. Good luck on it.

  • thank-you for all the posts/links you provided me, bet you were doing overtime. saved in my references.

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooo

  • I very much appreciate all of the information that you have shared!

  • Thanks for all the info. you have provided.

  • Thank you for everything! But it will take two months at least for me to go through all your prior posts, replies and shares :-)

  • Wishing you a productive sabbatical and look forward to the documentary!

  • Interesting information in your posts, with lots of tangents explore. Hope you have a productive few months ahead

  • God speed through all of this! You are a remarkable person and I am eternally grateful to you for the time and contributions you make. I am very grateful for "meeting " you, albeit only a very short time ago. I look forward to the documentary and your return.

  • Many thanks for your kind comments and when i finish the projects I am working on I will post them here. The first one I am working on is making a video for this Alzheimer's book:

    Alzheimer's Disease-How Its Bacterial Cause Was Found and Then Discarded


    I read the book in order to make a coherent video and the author posits Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the causative bacteria in TB, has historically caused amyloid plaques in TB patients and results in memory loss and wasting - Alzheimer's disease. Brain amalyoid plaques from TB were first discovered in 1830 and as late as 1994 doctors recognized that TB exposure is a significant risk factor for AD:


    "By 1994, Frecker, Pryse-Phillips, and Strong, in the Canadian Journal of Neurological

    Science (IT), said that adult exposure to tuberculosis appeared to be a major risk factor for familial dementia of the Alzheimer-type patient."

    What makes this information so compelling is there have been recent developments:

    Could Alzheimer’s Stem From Infections? It Makes Sense, Experts Say

    "Could it be that Alzheimer’s disease stems from the toxic remnants of the brain’s attempt to fight off infection?"


    The bacteria used in the experiment were E. coli and salmonella. The idea of a bacterial infection causing memory loss is being put forth as a new theory but, in reality, the ideas go back almost 200 years.

    So the book is topical and an important resource. When the video is posted i will post the link here.

    Best wishes.


  • Update: I finished the video and shipped it off to the author of the book. Provided he does not have too much problems uploading it it should be online by the end of this week.

    Recently I completed 3 paintings and a picture of one is posted online And here it is:


  • The video I made (produced, edited...and narrated) for the book, "Alzheimer's Disease—How Its Bacterial Cause Was Found and Then Discarded" has been posted on the author's page. Th video lies directly beneath the new book by Lawrence Broxmeyer):


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