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Chronic bronchitis along with Parkinsons

Does anyone have chronic bronchitis along with PD... I have had chronic bronchitis for since I was 22yrs ... feel good for a week then down 2 weeks cuz it came back... at the age of 34 I was dx with Parkinson's funny thing what trigger the symptoms was me getting chronic bronchitis ... was very very sick and one day woke up and could barely move my legs .... was like a charlie horse 20x magnified... with in a month my foot drop to the right... tremors on my right hand ... slurred speech ... I must inform my grandmother has PD as well... my concern is I continue to get chronic bronchitis upper respitory infections and I mean it takes me WEEKS to get better not days.... just want to know if anyone has chronic bronchitis and if so would love to hear your thoughts and suggestion ... thank you

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All types of muscles are affected and if your breathing muscles are not woeking properly, i'm guessing it could contribute to, if not cause, bronchitis. For me, when my PD symptoms are worse, so is my asthma.

Another thought is that the research is showing that Parkinson's may be caused by an inflammatory process. And soi is bronchitis?


I am wondering if I need to call an infection doctor?

I can't afford to keep trying these oral anitboitics that don't work



I have gotten a measure of relief for my chronic cough from a homeopathic medicine called Asthma, by Heel, available in most nutritional stores, with no side effects...


Do you have post nasal drip? Could be something in your environment aggravating your sinuses setting off bronchitis. I feel for you. My neuro impressed on me how important it is to treat infection. Better to prevent it. I had one bout of it last winter, and was housebound for months! Hope you get to the bottom of it!


I too have Chronic Bronchitis. Interesting that I developed that in Feb 2008 and in Aug 2008 I was diagnosed with PD. MY Pulmonary Doctor finally said after all this time that my cough it PD related. I had a lung biopsy in September 2008. That was not conclusive except for Chrionic Bronchitis. Now I use an inhaler as I would for Asthma. My x-rays have not changed since 2008.


Do you take beta-blockers tania?,i took them for tremor and developed a chronic cough,diagnosed as bronchial spasm.


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