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A little background. I'm 80. Was diagnosed with PD 5 years ago. Loss of smell. Right hand tremor. slight jaw tremor.

On Sunday, August 7th I was making my bed when I fell over one of the bedposts. A bit clumsy! Couldn't walk on that left leg for a few days but it's getting better.

The interesting thing is that my wife And I both noticed that my right hand tremor is gone or at least not noticeable. Probably will return.

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  • Here's hoping the tremor doesn't return.

  • I will try the bedpost remedy for my tremor. :)

    "gone" I have noticed subtle things, body position, sleeping effect tremor.

  • Would you be more explicit on this ? Thanks

  • Two examples:

    1. Have my wife massage my trembling arm while I am in bed. That puts me into 'no tremor' sleep quickly.

    2. While lying on my back, placing my tremor hand under my hip, reduces tremor.

  • just wondering thanks

  • not necessarily, the sole case of pd remission I found (google) was someone your age....he attributed it to meditation.

  • immune system response? have you tried bee stings? really.

  • have you tried bee stings? I read that some where back before I was diagnosed. I tried to grab bees while I was doing yard work but to much of a chicken. I was stung once and I did not care for it much.

  • how about meditation? not a simple thing, but monks can control their autonomic functions with their mind. quite a feat.

  • I find myself in almost constant medication ooops meditation. I will become transfixed on something and before I know it hours have gone by. I have found that the only way to get things done around the house is to put my head phones on so it blocks out anything external from distracting me. I don't know if its going to take me 10 min. or 2 hours just to unload the dishwasher.

  • I think your concentration is bad. you can't might try to become qne-goal oriented at a time. I used to be hyper...vigilance I think it was. kinetic is what it looked like. just an idea for you, might offer insight.

  • Hey, its after 10:00. I will have to get some oatmeal going . Only have been up for 4 hours. I still put protein powder in my oatmeal so I try to eat it at least an hour after my meds. but I think 4 hours is a little much.

  • you're as bad as I am, you need to keep regular mealtimes....I control my appetit successfully with a multivitamin multi-mineral supplement...I now it works, because when I want to do something uninterrupted, I don't take this supplement because I know it's going to give me hunger pangs...load and clear. probably the potassium content. not just any vitamin will do that for me...I have to have the SWISS brand and that's not SUISS.

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