Essential Oils

I bought some before the diagnosis and was looking online to buy a diffuser when I came across information specifically about Essential Oils and Parkinsons.

Have any of you used them? I bought mine from the company called Young Living which is supposed to sell the purest forms. I was just helping a friend get started in selling the line at the time and had no personal interest in PD. I find this interesting. Thank you for your replies.

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  • How does the loss of the sense of smell in many PWP's fit in with this?

  • Like Paddyfields i have very liitle sense of smell left. I dont think i would be able to smell them.

    Enjoy !!!

  • we use a diffuser and usually have drops of peppermint or eucalyptus oil. we are not certain yet of the benefit to my wife and her PD but it certainly is a pleasant calmant for both of us in the house. Has one specific oil been identified by Young Living for PD?

  • Could you link the article about essential oils and PD please?

  • Could you please include the info that you came across?

  • I don't know about essential oils and healing. But it is well researched that smells affect us very deeply with regard to mood. The part of the brain responsible is one of the earlier parts to have developed.

    But here was a game changer for us. This difuser uses high frequency vibration to difuse the oil. It works better than any other kind I have used and the tank is big. So it runs for many yours.

    I shall follow this thread with interest


  • I have used them for about 6 months, and the benefit is subtle, temporary, but good... I find they soothe my stress which in turns soothes my tremor and my mind. I love frankincense. It is wonderfully grounding. I had researched essential oils and made a blend for myself which includes frank,. lavender, basil, vetiver, and sage. I keep it in my pocketbook and car for whenever I need to 'take it down a notch', and for after exercise when I am more shakey. Young Living also makes a blend for this general purpose, which I like. (I am not affiliated with any essential oil company) Anyone else have any experience with EO use?

  • oh, and I don't use a diffuser. I just apply to my skin.

  • You can use lavender oil caps by Integrative Therapeutics....incredibly calming. Can't take anti anxiety drugs and this calms within 30 minutes.

  • Hello. I am a fan of the oils. I use them for their fragrance in my home made lotions, oil scrubs and lip balms. The lavender is very helpful in healing burns, cuts, bites, etc. My massages are always done with several different oils and they

    help to relax, soothe and calm stiff muscles. Make sure that you buy the book that goes along with them as it will tell you which oils to use for certain things.

  • I am going to try this and experimenting and see how well this works and what not

  • I use Young Living oils to support my immune system and promote overall well being. While YL representatives cannot prescribe or diagnose any conditions, you can diffuse, inhale or topically apply a variety of oils to help your overall health and it may help some of your symptoms. Helichrysum, lavender, peppermint, cedarwood, myrrh, basil sandalwood and rosewood are among the recommended single oils. Blends like Peace and calming, valor and brain power may also be helpful.

  • Thanks for the reply. Are all the individual oils and the blends that you listed in your post ones that you use for your husband or for you? If you have specific ones that have been helpful for symptoms your husband has with his Parkinson's that could be helpful to me, as well, for my husband

    Many thanks.

  • unfortunately, my husband passed away before I learned about essential oils. He did not die from PD or a complication of it. I wish I had known about them because I would have tried anything to make him feel better. The oils I mentioned are in my reference book specifically for PD. Personally I use E-N-R-Gee and endoflex to support my thyroid and help reduce my anxiety. I often use Peace and Calming for days when I am especially nervous/anxious. I use RC when I have a cough and Thieves cleaners in my home. I also use others depending on what is going on in my life.

    I wish I could advise you better. Perhaps your friend who got you started has a reference book and can copy the pages for you.

  • I am truly sorry about your husband. I so appreciate the information and the oils you mention for specific issues. You have already helped me. I hope you continue to have success with their use. God Bless.

  • I didn't know your husband passed. I'm so sorry to hear it.

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