Over thinking - you too?

Over thinking - you too?

Instead of letting things go or dealing with things at the time . I go round and round in my mind trying to prove a point. Not to mention dealing with conflicts via email instead of face to face. It becomes all consuming. I need to move on , i get myself into trouble. is this a Parkinson thing or have I become just an argumentative old grump? I really want be listened to but its not happening.....any thoughts?

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  • MacDoodle,

    My brain never stops whirring, analyzing, over-analyzing, to the point I don't sleep well. My body physically hurts and my brain is tired. I'm tired of trying to figure ppl out............so I'm done. That's my advice...give your mind, body and soul the vacation they deserve and the rest and peace that you deserve.

    Best wishes,


  • Thanks Dark Flower. You are completely right. Peace is the way. Thanks for your wisdom . I guess people are the way they are and we have little control over that.! Not done much today but am a lot calmer. I appreciate your response. go well DF

  • You are so very welcome MacDoodle. You seem to be a very sweet and well grounded person so your self diagnosis of being a "argumentative old grump? "....I think not.

    You sound like me, that perhaps you care what others think of you, and give others to much control over trying to make them happy...be yourself and the right ppl will appreciate you.

    My sister uses a saying that I have adopted "It's none of our business what others think of us." Not always easy to do.

    Peace & happiness to you!!

    Luv to all,


  • Yes Dark Flower I care too much. Things get under my skin. I am sweet but as one therapist in the making said- I am to integrity driven. i want to see people going the extra mile. stick to their promises. Some people talk others do. It was my family's way. But you can easily get used. I'm having to learn to be more receptive to my own needs and future rather than support the people who say 'we need to' when they mean 'I need to'. hope its a good day for you DF

  • Thank you for listening and really reading my


  • Your welcome Dark Flower!

  • we all have things we do. pd only goes one way and doesn't make things easier.

    remember KISS.....always try the simplest solution first. with pen and paper write issues down. just this action alone calms the brain from the responsibility of trying-trying-trying to remember. then when ready and calm sit and read back issues with your observer eye. once written it will always be there for you to address any time you wish. no pressure. decision will come. put it on paper great habit..helps with sleep also.

    best wishes

  • Thank You. Very good advice. I will adopt the KISS habit. Cheers!

  • Are you taking a dopamine agonist? (Mirapex was mine.) They can cause all kinds of obsessive behavior. I went through a period of time when I wrote about 50 songs in one week.....i wish at least one of them had been good!!! I couldn't think about anything else. The obsession took me to darker places as well. After discontinuing the Mirapex, it took about 4 months to get back to normal.

  • Yes Marty

    I'm still on 4mg XL Ropinerol. 50 songs! Wow! I make lots of videos of myself dancing ... so not dissimilar i did have a successful art exhibition though. Some works my best yet.I better have a chat with my doctor. thanks a lot!.

  • Compulsive behavior has been associated with PD.

  • Thanks Bill!

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