Do we get another pet?

Hello everyone I have a question hope someone can advise me, my husband Charlie has had CBD now for eleven years. We had a sweet dog DJ she was the best thing made us happy. Two months ago we had to put our sweet pet down since then I feel lost I never knew what a good destruction she was for us. Now I find myself yelling at my husband he thought he could drive to the dr by himself so I let him but he called me that he was lost I went crazy how do I stop doing that? I hate yelling at him. He gets tired so fast these days and feels blue do you think we should look into getting another pet even though he keeps saying no?

Thank you


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  • MarcheYES!!!

  • Yes. And hide the car keys!

  • Get another one for him. This is to occupy his time and let him move on and companionship.

  • yes! YES!!, we deprived ourselves of a dog for five years after having had dogs all our married life (53 years) we finally gave way and got a shaggy Jack Russell, her name is Gladys and she quite literally turned our lives round- - - -

  • Wow, after reading all this I feel like getting a dog myself!!!

  • If you don't want to replace your dog, then try pet therapy where you spend time with a dog or a cat. Please see website

    So it is one way of having a pet in your lives but not permanently. This may help calm both of you down enough to have a conversation about his driving and the risk he is taking and how it could affect both your lives in case of an accident.

  • Thanks everyone for the advise. I hope he will want one of the many pets up for adoption next week when we go up to see our girls in Bergen county I told him we are going out for the day, told him it's a street fastivel :) wish me luck.

  • Sounds like you need to get your cortisol levels checked if you are yelling at your husband for things he can't control. I did the same thing and felt terrible about it. I am usually a very calm and patient person and there I was doing that!

    Went to doc to see why I couldn't get rid of the fat middle and tummy I had developed...she read 'cortisol' immediately and put me on Adrenavive which was a gift from God. I use it every day sometimes twice a day and I have returned to my old self. In the meantime we are continuing to work on getting those cortisol levels down to normal. High levels come from stress. It is a saliva test and the results will show a graph re your levels compared to normal ones. Had one done on my PD husband a couple of years ago and the graph was stunningly accurate to my observations....his worse times during the day correlated exactly to the rise in cortisol when it was supposed to be down. The normal path is high in the am and gradual reduction as the day goes on. He had the morning high and the a gradual reduction until about 2:30 or 3pm at which time it would shoot back up. That has always been his 'sinking spell' time, even before PD. By 4pm he would be exhausted and call me from the office to say he really wanted to come home and sleep. Now I see that his PD worst times are exactly the same. The chart showed this clearly. And there is no doubt his body is under stress. We are working on it.

  • Remarkable. I previously had a hypoadrenal disorder and had low cortisol levels which lasted, in my estimation, 50+ years. I could not remember a time when I did not have orthostatic hypotension, had brain fog in the morning, could not sleep at night, poor response to stress..... I looked at the components of Adrene Vive and it could be taken by every PWP because its contents are good for the adrenal gland and PD.

    2 capsules contain:

    Ashwaganda root extract 250mg

    ---(standardized to contain 1.5% Withanolides)

    PD study:

    Skullcap root extract 250mg

    ---(standardized to contain 30% flavones as S. baicalensis)

    PD study:

    Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) root extract 200mg

    ---(standardized to contain 0.8% Eleutherosides)

    PD study:

    Rhodiola rosea root extract 200mg

    ---(standardized to contain 3% Rosavins)

    PD study:

    L-Theanine 100mg

    PD study:

    Phosphatidylserine (from soy lecithin) 100mg

    PD study:

    I received treatment from a natural doctor, Dr. Lam, and he cured me of the hypoadrenal disorder by placing me on massive doses of vitamin C, B5, Omega 3s, DHEA, pregnenalone, B complex, glutathione and glutathione precursors (in the same glutathione formula), NAC, alpha lipoic acid, Resveratrol, Pine Bark Extract, Phosphatidylserine, B complex..... People with under active adrenal glands have an imbalance between salt and potassium in the body. Too little salt and too much potassium leads to heart palpitations and crashing in the after noon, depression.... As part of his therapy he told me to go on an unlimited salt diet for about the first 4 months I drank 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of sea salt in the morning and salted the hell out of everything.

    It was from this 13 month process that I learned how to target supplements to treat disease - I studied the supplements I was taking everyday. Dr. Lam is a master at the hypoadrenal disorder - he had the problem himself and developed a therapy to correct the problem. I never met Dr. Lam and he treated me via the telephone and I learned from his methodology how to communicate about health problems over great distances without ever seeing someone. I have the greatest respect for Dr. Lam - he is brilliant.

    Dr. Lam - Adrenal Fatigue & Adrenal Support:

  • We went through this when we had to put down our precious cocker spaniel,named Boomer, who loved everyone and never barked. 3 months later my vet called and told me about a litter of maltese who would brighten our days. Well we ended up falling in love again, and this time we found a certified trainer who tested our Spencer and he was bright enough to go through vigorous training and he is my service dog. He is also our family dog. He is 7 years old and warned me of an electrical fire that began in my iron and I can not smell, He encouraged me to sit and I saw the iron arc and then in flames. Wow. How wonderful to have this loving maltese that saved me. He can also press an emergency button, for an ambulance to come. I have Parkinson's disease and had a stroke. I fall often and if I am unable to get up, he sends for an ambulance. Spencer is my hero, friend and most important our family member.

    Sorry, I didn't mean to write so much.

    I hope this helps you.

    God Bless.

  • No

  • Can you explain why please Alexandria?

  • A pet/dog brings unconditional love to the house and lowers stress, and gives companionship. It helps the person with PD keep moving. I know ...I have PD and my husbands cardiologist recommended we get a pet to keepme moving and to lower my husbands stress. It has done both. We are age 63 and 68. Raising a puppy was a challenge as we had not done it for 20 years. If you have a fenced backyard, that is ideal. We live on a golf course so we can not just let her out the back door to play for awhile, we always have to walk her on a leash. Getting an older trained dog in our case may have been easier in the first 12 months. Now that we have mastered the house training, she is a joy. On days that we are both too tired and need a break, we take her to day care for puppies and let her romp with her furry friends for the day. Then everyone is happy.

  • YES you should my husband pd 32yrs. Had our rescue lab 6yrs now, wouldn't be without him,I can assure you I've done my fair share of shouting especially the last few years. Husband not very mobile and has memory problems ie slight dementia. My dog gives me some me time for a little while each day. We both love him too bits, and he gives us love in sure you and your husband will benefit from getting another pet. Best wishes.

  • You may consider fostering a dog from a shelter versus owning one. They have many dogs to chose from, they pay for food and vet and if you find you need to travel or can not continue to foster you can return. They do want assistance in taking dog twice a month to Adoption events. We are fostering a dog and it has been wonderful. And, if you find you can handle the dog and want to adopt it yourself that works too, so long as they aren't adopted before you make the decision.

  • I agree completely!

  • hi Marge52, under the circumstances, and what the last dog did for you, i would definitely

    get another dog. it sounds like that dog put so much life into your house , that i think i would run to the nearest shelter and get another dog. and if you want a particular breed, they have shelters that cater to just the type of dog your looking for. and they need you as much as you need them . i don't understand why you would even question it. by all means , get another dog. i can't imagine our hose without a dog. if you like energy ghet a young dog , if not get one that has been around for awhile.

    love , judam 9

  • yes get a dog the size you can manage. i like real dogs also but now large results in falls. to calm your anxiety arrange the godfather/godmother for the dog who will love them after you are no longer there. most likely this won't be an issue but having this in place is good for you. also the dog boarder for if you have hospital visits. everyone not just PD people need this worked out but we don't need more concerns.

    i have a dog. she is a chihuahua and LOVES me. we walk 2 laps around the track twice a day. in japan their studies on the "cuteness" factor helping after earthquakes bears out what i feel with my chi. dopamine release as cuteness response. she attracts people which is social for me. we share 1 pillow..tiny head. such good feeling when i wake up. she is small 7# so is paper trained so i don't have to go out in icy weather. also a box on my rollator holds her if i want her there. walking a small dog is all that is possible with my balance issues now. and there is the gentle pressure to go out and walk since she loves it. this keeps me going. i look at her and smile this dopamine?

    get a manageable dog...i have had big dogs in the past but little one's elicit big feelings also.

  • Thank you so much for your advise. I hope we will have a pet again soon.

  • My advice is get an idea of what kind of dog you want and only look at them... in my case I didn't listen to that and what can you say when there are 8 very cute pups in front of you. So now we have a large, very energetic, hole digging, chicken killing dog :/ We love her to bits but I should have stuck with going for a smaller dog!

  • I've been thinking that my husband could use a service dog someone that he can have someone by his side incase I go out. I know I would feel better.

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