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Restless Body Syndrome

I've had two nights of what I think of as Restless body syndrome. I fall asleep reading but as soon as I turn out the light and try to get comfortable, it's impossible. I just need to keep moving. I feel so uncomfortable in my own body. Last night at about 1 a.m. I finally took half a Xanax, .25 milligram in addition to my melatonin, 3 milligrams and half a 25/100 C/L. I didn't wake up this morning till almost 10. I have a theory about this which I'm going to test and will let everyone know if it helps. I hadn't been riding my bike for a few days because I hurt my knee jogging down the mountain after a hike...hard to resist as it's the only time gravity works in my favor, but too hard on the knees, apparently. Another pleasure bites the dust. I just got back from a bike ride and I'm going to walk later and I'm hoping this will help with sleep

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Depending how long and how much cd/ld you are taking its most likely dyskenasia from the Levadopa. Because I have gastroparesis I don't metabolize well so I may have a huge off time and then I might have 2 or more doses kick in at once causing awful writhing of the whole body and cannot sleep. And yes I believe exercise does help. I've given up my pool aerobics in the last several months as I have been too ill with the gastroparesis and acid reflux. Stay well Judy


I tend to be very low on levodopa at night but during the day when I take more I definitely have dyskinesia. Very irritating trying to find that balance. Thank you for your suggestion!


You could try the amino acid theanine instead of xanax. In a clinical trial theanine out performed xanax:

Theanine is non-addictive and has numerous positive effects in the human body, including PD:

I take theanine every night and it cannot be taken with xanax - it is an antagonist and will cancel xanax's effect.


Your patience in reading and finding solutions always impresses me. I will read the link you sent. I don't like taking Xanax or clonazepam and do it as a last resort. Thank you!

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Let me list some of the positive things theanine does in the body.

An anti-anxiety agent; neuroprotective in PD models; destroys amyloid plaques in alzheimer's disease models, boosts the human immune system, protects the liver, etc.... I have taken it for yours and my 81 yo mother takes it too. Safe, non-addictive and effective.

Other studies (Alzheimer's disease):

l-Theanine, an amino acid in green tea, attenuates beta-amyloid-induced cognitive dysfunction and neurotoxicity: reduction in oxidative damage and inactivation of ERK/p38 kinase and NF-kappaB pathways.

Liver protection:

Protective Effect of Theanine on the Acetaminophen-induced Hepatotoxicity

Immune booster:

Study: Tea Boosts Immune System

"Bukowski said L-theanine is broken down in the liver to ethylamine, a molecule that primes the response of an immune system element called the gamma-delta T cell."

Stroke prevention:

Neuroprotective effect of γ-glutamylethylamide (theanine) on cerebral infarction in mice

Reading the articles are optional because the study intro says it all. In my opinion theanine is one of the best supplements a PWP can take.


is it with prescription


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