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Cold or asleep feeling in my toes and my foot where my toes meet my foot. Warning graphic content.

For the last month or my feet have felt like the title of this post.

I have been dehydrated to some extent for the last month or so and have been constipated too. I am dehydrated because of the heat and i have been working out a lot and working outside. I just can not drink enough to keep ahead of what water i am loosing.

Last night I started to cramp and went to the toilet. I strained with all my might for 30 minutes and finally i got relief. I guess my insides had been blocked for more than a week.

Now for the point of what i just wrote. My feet and toes no longer bother me. They have hurt so bad to the point i could not sleep. I don't know if the straining helped my feet or if the poop was pushing on nerves in my bowel. All i know is my feet feel great now. By the way i noticed my feet where better just a few minutes afterwards. Sorry for the graphic content.

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Good for you! My neuro-physio was explaining this very scenario to me last week at her clinic. My pain was more lower back but also some sharp pain from the sciatic nerve. I hadn't realised that 'poop' could put such pressure on nerves so this has been a learning curve along with other side-effects of constipation as I have never sufffered with it before - more of an irritable gut.


Hooray for....... your.......poop? lol Hey we all have been there but not so full up that I had pain to my toes.


P.S. Remember our eternal thermometers may not work properly and you have to be very careful not to get overheated.

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Many many years ago I had abdominal surgery and afterwards I had the most piercing pain in my shoulders. The nurse told me it was from gas and sure enough as soon as I passed the gas and was able to go to the bathroom it disappeared completely. Your story makes perfect sense to me. Glad you're feeling better!


The transition from BMW to BM


you call that graphic! Maybe you should come to live in eastern Ukraine then you can see some real live graphic


It was Just to catch the eye of the reader.


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