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Parkinson's pain what causes it and how does C/L relieve it.


Te pain i have is in my hands and arms and my feet. The foot pain is a tingly feeling or a cold feeling.

My arm and had pain is deep along the bone. it feels like the tissue around the bone is swollen.

The pain is relieve by taking C/L.

Pain meds seem not to work.

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Yes - the feeling you describe down your arm is very similar to mine. I have it in my arm and shoulder and it has come on in the last six weeks. I thought initially I'd pulled something when I was doing yoga but it's gone on too long. Also doesn't respond to pain meds. I'm seeing my PD nurses in a couple of weeks so I'll ask. Also my arm is 'tingly'.

Bailey_Texas in reply to stevie3

Good morning stevie3

Do you take C/L and does it help with the pain. When my meds are working I do not have pain. It is one of the first signs that my meds are waining.

stevie3 in reply to Bailey_Texas

Hi Bailey, no - not on C/L yet.

Jeansm in reply to stevie3

I had a general anaesthetic in preparation for surgery for a frozen shoulder which didn't exist and in reality turned out to be PD pain. I had severe pain at top of my arm which felt like a bruised muscle. The pain disappears when I take Sinemet, but reappears as soon as the medicAtion wears off.

Bailey_Texas in reply to Jeansm

That is what happens to me when i am on with meds no pain when off back comes the pain.

Hi Bailey, same with me,tingling pain.

Jeansm in reply to Jeansm

My new neurologist said she was pleased to hear that I didn't have surgery because muscles rarely heal properly after surgery in PWP.

Hi Bailey. I don't suffer with pain but many people I talk to do. What does C/L stand for?

Is there any study done on CL?


carbidopa levodopa



Sounds familiar, Bailey. Took me a while to figure that out. I had more pain in my hands when I worked from key boarding. Now I can choose not to do that! Yay!

As a retired PT that specialized in orthopedic manual therapy, I think to definitively answer your question you need to undergo a neruomusculoskelatel eval to difenetiate wether the symptoms are in the peripherory or of the central pain syndrome. With the intensity of your exercise routine, the ideal time for the eval should be performed after your workout and before your c-l dose. If there is a dramatic improvement after the c-l, I think that would indicate that the pain is from the central pain syndrome, a relatively new and poorly understood phenomenon.

Bailey_Texas in reply to etterus

C/L relieves the pain completely. The pain in my hands and arm is not like any pain i have had before PD. It is hard to explain but it is a sick pain (makes me feel

nauseated ) on a 1 to 10 scale it is a 6.

I had shoulder and arm pain for 7 years before diagnosis. Now only get it when meds have worn off.

There is a bit written about it but most are behind pay walls. Here is one.

Biceps Pain as the Presenting Symptom of Parkinson Disease: Effective Treatment With L-dopa

I use to have the same problem when I was taking Sinemet. Some days I would get extremely painful dyskinesia other day sever pain from my shoulder all the way down my arm. The pain was so bad on the days it was in my shoulder that on a scale of 1-10 it was an 8 ! I've since been switched to Rytary and haven't had ant problems since.

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