Better walking ability with a walking staff

I am still in the milder phases of PD and do not have major difficulties with gait or balance. No strong need yet for assistance with walking. But I found these video demos of use of a walking staff to be enlightening and persuasive, and will save this for future reference. Perhaps someone here has first-hand experience they would like to share? (Disclosure: I have no connection with this walking-stick provider.)

P.S.: Hey, a walking staff also makes you look like a rugged, outdoor type! Other things being equal, it sure beats the geriatric impression conveyed by a cane.

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  • I use leki walking poles and have for years. Love them. Helps give the arms a bit of a workout.

  • As a more dynamic form of walking, it sounds delightful--with or without PD.

  • That's interesting dumplekin. I often hold a companions arm when out walking as it helps my stride to lengthen

  • Hikoi, Your strategy today is mine tomorrow :)

  • I find a straight walking pole better than a walking-stick because it helps me to stand upright, and there's no temptation to lean on it. Mine is a lightweight foldable (Black Diamond).


  • what is height of walking pole re your height. i need to walk without bending forward from waist.

  • PS. I presume what you call a walking 'cane' is what I call a walking 'stick' !


  • They are synonyms, according to Webster's 9th New Collegiate edition. To my understanding, there is a difference: a "cane" has a curved handle, whereas a "walking stick" is straight, like a rod. You can, however, use a straight rod to "cane" someone! Needless to say, a "walking staff"--shoulder height or higher--is longer than a cane or a stick.. The elderly Moses liked to brandish his walking staff, and could use it to call down God's wrath, and a lightning bolt or two, on miscreants!

  • Ah, here we are, divided by a common language!

    My (English) Oxford has the walking stick as the one with a handle, and the cane as made of bamboo and used for supporting plants in the garden.

    Let's not revisit the rod and staff and all that wrath! Teehee.


  • Ditto rosew

  • :)

  • I always wanted a reason to look like Gandalf.

  • A walking staff goes better with a flowing robe and a long beard. I'm sorry to disappoint them, but Hitler, Stalin, and Chairman Mao, just didn't have the prereqs to carry a staff, or the dignity that goes with it.

  • Walking poles provide a more complete workout, more stability, and great opposite body movement! Of course, here in California, you are apt to to hear comments such as "Where's the snow?

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