Foot pain: can you solve my problem?

I suffer of PD from 8 years. My predominant symptoms are rigidity and bradikesia on right side, but my main problem now is a twisting of my right foot outwards and a strong pain below my foot. Walking has become difficult. Orthopedists say it is a neurologic problem, but none neurologist solves my pain. They prescribed me alternately Lyrica (pregabalin) and Gabapentin, without result. Is there anyone who is sharing similar problem? Is there a solution you can suggest? Thank you

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  • What meds are taking

  • I am taking Azilect, Madopar, Folic acid, isradipine and some more supplemets as magnesium, turmeric, NCA, vit. B1, vit B12, vit. K2

  • It sounds like dystonia. I wonder if Botox injections would be of any help. One of my first symptoms was pain in my right foot and my toes curling under but since I've been on sinemet that has gotten much much better.

  • Hi Enidah. Tell me more about your toes curling if you don't mind. That's become one of my most aggravating symptoms, making walking difficult at times. I'd love to find a way to reduce the curling and dystonia. Did you try Botox?

  • I never found anybody to do Botox. I think what has helped a lot is that I'm working less, as in hardly at all and so I am on my feet less. I garden for a living and when I was driving home from work I could barely touch the brake and gas pedal, I had so much pain. Forget walking any distance. Now, as long as my meds are working, I can walk and walk and my foot seldom bothers me. Being up on my meds, sinemet, helps a lot. Especially with back pain, where I also have dystonia.

  • Thank you. I guess you are correct

  • Hi Enid ah, I have lots of problems with my right foot.My toes started to crawl under and my big toe stuck up making walking very hard, had botox which has helped the big toe lay flat, I have also been on LDN for around 6 months and find that has helped the pain as well, if I take my meds on time it seems to help, being late with them makes my toes start to crawl. Tried having insoles made but they just made my foot cramp.I also find that using a foot spa with Epson salts then a massage after helps a lot. Hope you manage to find something that helps as it is a really painful thing to have to cope with. God Bless

  • I have this problem for a long while along with cramping toes and entire foot tries to curl inward causing me to walk on outside of foot. These are things I do for relief:

    1. I try to keep foot warm. A warm foot bath helps as does wearing a compression type sock at night ( the kind for plantar fasciitis)

    2. I do Tai Chi which encourages slow movements that cause you to stretch foot and toes.

    3. I follow Sheryl Klingelhofer on You Tube and Facebook. She is a physical therapist who has specific exercises and info for people with Parkinson's. This is one with foot strengthening exercises.

  • I'll have a go. Not sure what kind of pain you have. I have Sesamoiditis in my right foot -so the pain is right on the ball of my foot. More info here -

    I have an insole with extra cushion support around the sesamoid bones. If I wear if regularly the (very sharp) pain usually goes.

  • DBS Has helped me a bunch....

  • I have the same with extreme pain in my right food. We are in the investigation stage Is so painful. Using a walking stick helps. If I find a solution I will post. Good luck

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