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Parkinsons and Periodontal Disease

Hi I am new to this I was diagnosed with PD in March and have been following conversations pretty well since I first got over the shock!

I am wondering if there has been any research linking PD with Periodontal disease.

I have been reading lots of material about Gut bacteria and it's connection with the nervous system so I was wondering if there is a similar connection with oral bacteria and the brain? Any thoughts? Thanks.

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There is a theory behind the gut/brain connection. I haven't heard of one for oral /brain connection.

Source: Lund University

Does Parkinson's disease actually start in the gut? The so-called Braak's hypothesis proposes that the disease process begins in the digestive tract and in the brain's center of smell. The theory is supported by the fact that symptoms associated with digestion and smell occur very early on in the disease.

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Yes thanks Hikoi it is an intriguing area


Hi Coling & welcome,

I'm not sure about periodontal disease & PD but having been diagnosed (dxd) for 12 years I can say that my mouth & teeth have taken a battering. I am uncertain whether it is PD or meds or a combination but a friend who is a dentist said a few years ago that my teeth looked as though they had been shot blasted. I was always proud of my teeth until then. Parkinson's UK have a range of booklets containing up to date information & advice on a range of health issues including oral hygiene. Your PD nurse should have some copies.


Many thanks honeycombe3


It is harder to brush her teeth. Flossing is difficult. I have found it very helpful to use the electric WaterPik flosser


Parkinson's disease and periodontitis - the missing link? A review.


Many thanks silvestrov, that pretty well confirms my thoughts about a potential, though not proven link with inflammation - seems like all roads lead to inflammation. I keep thinking about a multi level treatment potential, a kind of wish list to holistically approach the issue: e.g

1. Stem Cell replacement of Dopamine followed by...

2. Administration of a drug that prevents those pesky proteins from folding all over the neurons, something potentially like Nilotinib

3. Backed up with a healthy gut bacteria diet and plenty of the right kind of exercise, dancing and a positive attitude... I may be somewhat naive:)


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