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Rallying to the Challenge 2016: Survey Update

Thank you to those of you who have already completed our Rallying to the Challenge 2016 survey.

So far there have been 86 responses and we need your help to make our findings more robust.

In one key question, we have asked what might be the most useful information for people with Parkinson’s to share for research purposes. To date ¾ of responders have highlighted that information about non-movement related symptoms (e.g. sleep patterns, pain, fatigue) would provide the most useful data.

Currently the top 3 things that would motivate respondents to share their data are:

1.Gaining personal insights from the data

2.Understanding exactly how the data will be used

3.Assured anonymity of the data shared

We would love to get the views of as many people with Parkinson's as possible so if you have not taken part in the survey but would like to do so, please click the link below.

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