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reduce off-time

•Bial's drug for the treatment of Parkinson's disease in patients with motor fluctuations was approved by the European Commission, the Portuguese drugmaker said on Tuesday.

•Ongentys (opicapone) is intended to be used as adjunctive therapy with levodopa and other standard Parkinson's disease treatments. Bial anticipates Ongentys will be available across Europe as early as this year.

•Administered once-daily, Ongentys reduced off-times for Parkinson's patients by 2 hours without increasing on-time with dyskinesia—a frequent side effect of long-term treatment with levodopa.

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Nearly but not quite available in the UK yet.

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Thanks for this is wonderful news, Roy. It is just what I need since it doesn't increase dyskinesia. I do hope it becomes available to all of us soon.


There is hope