Hi my name is John I have Parkinson's for two about two years sometimes my tremors are nonexistent but more troublesome I think I joined a boxing gym called rocksteady and for the first time in a long time I had no tremors at night I also exercise a lot and seems to help my problem is Tremors at night I also do acupuncture which is helpful all the trimmer stop for a while but then come back glad to be part of this community

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  • John how often are you boxing?

  • I'm thrilled to hear about the benefit you get from boxing. I just joined Rock Steady recently. Nothing so far has stopped my tremor but you have given me hope! I'm so sick of that blasted tremor I could scream. I do notice my balance seems to have improved with the boxing, though.

    Well, welcome, John. What part of the country are you in?

  • New Jersey you will see results keep up the good work your not alone

  • How often do you go?

  • Well, as of now, three times a week. Not this week because the gym was closed over the long weekend. There's a class that meets at a gym only a couple blocks from me on Sundays, and now there are two at a gym that's a short drive at a good time. I missed more than a week when I got an attack of "why bother?" and definitely feeling very alone, so your encouragement comes at a great time -- thanks John!

  • Kept up the good work !You will be fine going three times a week .You just inspired me

    Never give up👍

  • You could also try acupuncture

  • Johnfra,

    I've been boxing at RSB for 9 1/2 yrs. in Indy (diagnosed 13 yrs. ago) & it has definitely slowed my progression). Keep up the good work. Sounds like it's helping you too.

    Keep fighting!

  • Awesome thanks a lot👍

  • Went to boxing class today left there feeling great and I will kept fighting thanks pal👍

  • Hey pal just wanted to know besides boxing what else to do relax thanks

  • I have a PwP friend that made a DVD for meditation. It's called "Relaxing with Thomas".I also eat Xocai Chocolate & coconut oil. They seem to calm me.

  • Awesome thanks my friend

  • What part of the country you from?

  • Thanks for the advice again it helped

  • What do you take for your tremors pal

  • I'm taking Parcopa (Sinemet that dissolveson my tongue). I just recently started having tremors.

  • Thanks again.

    How's boxing going ?

  • Boxing is going great. I started out at the headquarters in Jan. 2007, 3 mths. after they started and then about 1 1/2 yrs. ago switched to an affiliate that is 20 miles closer to my house. I still go back to headquarters when they have their "Training Camp" once or twice a month. It's fun meeting all the new trainees from all over the U.S., as well as some from other countries. How long have you been working out with Rock Steady?

  • Only about a month and a half but it's working great my weight is down and so is my blood pressure it is always a pleasure you are a big inspiration to all of us thanks talk to you soo 👍

  • How you doing laglag?

  • How you doing becky

  • Enjoy your boxing class👍Try acupuncture and yoga it all helps

  • How you doing beckey?

  • I'm flunking Jump Rope 101!

  • Me too! How you been?

  • Hey beckey are your tremors worst in the morning when you wake up mine are?

  • I know you were asking Beckey, but my tremors are worse at night. When I get up in the morning, mine don't start until 9 or 10:00.

  • When your trying to relax right?

  • How you doing pal?

  • How you doing beckey

  • Hi Johnfra,

    Welcome to this community! I trust that you can get some helpful fellowship here (and advice--but with a large grain of salt, seeing as most of us are not medically trained.) Tremors that are "nonexistent" cannot be "troublesome"! Did you omit some words and actually mean to say that "but, other times my tremors are more troublesome, I think"?

    Is typing difficult for you? (Without punctuation, your meaning will sometimes be tricky to understand :) ) My own unedited typing efforts are a joke of transposed letters because the jumpy left hand is totally out of sync with the right.

  • Not for me. I have mental "autocorrect," ha ha!

  • To paraphrase John Lennon (or was it Paul McCartney?), "if my mind gets fully demented, I would be the last one to know." Aye, aye, Matey, comforting thought that!

  • Lol

  • "The only difference between me and a mad man is that I am not mad." Salvador Dali- Parkinson's sufferer

  • What did Dali mean? My guess: That he had the grotesque visions of a mad man, but was not terrified by them because he could control them--entertain them or not, as he chose. And in fact, these visions were fuel for his creative fire as an artist. So they were welcomed with open arms.

  • That looks like a topic for another post. Parkinson's and psychosis.

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