Amazing PD "Coincidence" Blessing

Amazing PD "Coincidence" Blessing

Dad had been feeling just horrible lately! Last week on Thursday, I was disheartened by my visit with him and Mom. My mind began reeling for some kind of answer. "Help my dad," was my mission. So I cut my visit short and told them I was heading into Chattanooga, 30 miles away to try to come up with some Mucuna Pruriens, for his had been lost in the mail. I had never bought from a physical store before and wasn't sure any was out there. "Help my dad..."

In my car with my daughter, I prayed for the Lord to guide me to the supplement. We set the GPS and headed to various health and health food stores. First two had closed permanently. One more to go to before we headed into the mall to GNC. This one was not closed.

Pulled up to a very small shop called "The Family Herb Shop" in an out-of-the-way area of town. "It's so small!" What are the chances? Inside was the cutest and neatest, well-stocked shop I had ever seen. A kind little lady stepped from behind the counter when we asked for Mucuna. So we followed. YES!! Encouraged, I took out the scribbled list of supplements from HealthUnlocked Parkinson's Movement- things that have helped others. Check! Check! Check! "Oh, really?" the pretty little 75yo asked. "I have Parkinson's too". And so the conversation flowed. :) I knew God was there in that moment. I know He is always there, but He knew I was so needy this day! "Here, my child. You are never alone. I've tried to tell you in many ways". So I walked out, hopeful once again, with Mucuna...and the brand new Theanine, as well as a pill "that really helps my PD pain with only one small pill a day". That one wasn't on my list. But it was in her half-foot tall book and I followed along and read the info myself right there in her family's little shop. Oh, yes, normally this sweet lady isn't there by herself, "just kinda filling in for my daughter today". Read about everything on my crumpled little paper. Sometime soon I will return to the quaint "Family Herb Shop". And I will shop for the things that help YOU. And talk to our sweet new angel-friend. Thank you Lord. You are good and Your "mercy endures forever" (Psalm 136:1, American KJV).

UPDATE: A few days after starting/restarting supplements: Yesterday Dad and Mom came over here to see our 2 new kittens! :) And he was feeling quite better, having gone to church (!) the evening before.... Thanks, Friends. Thank You, God. I know there will be more "needy days". But we are not alone, and that is a true blessing.

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  • Stick with the family owned herb shop and skip going to GNC. I have never been impressed with the quality of their supplements. Glad to hear you found a small business that cares.

  • Hi, During the period I was taking Ropinirole I used to have terrible mood swings, and I made life pretty bad for the people closest to me. Your father needs to understand how miserable he can make life for the people around him. There is more than one victim involved dealing with any chronic illness. Once I came off Ropinirole I was much more stable, and remsain so, unfortunately some damage never got repaired. I am not suggesting Ropinirole is the root of the problem, it was for me though.

  • My dad would never make someone feel bad. He has the best mood and attitude for someone in such a predicament. Always been many people's hero. He is def one of mine. Last Thursday was the first day I had visited when he did not feel like rising from the sofa is all. I knew then it was bad.

  • I went on ropiniriole and after only two weeks I stopped taking it. Never again. I became a monster. And I couldn't tell it was helping anyway. I upped my workout regimen and am much better.

  • Okay, sorry for misunderstanding you.

  • No problem at all, Andy!

  • So sorry about the Repinirole effect. Such differences in individual responses. Glad you went off it.

  • It's interesting, isn't it. I was very reluctant to take it having heard such bad things but it's worked well for me, although a very low dose.

  • Everyone is different. Also medical dosing is designed to have the greatest physiological effect for the greatest number of people. Many people can get results with a much smaller dose, where they will have disturbing side effects with the standard dose. Always something to discuss with your doctor, especially if you tend to be sensitive to meds or even foods.

  • Exactly. I experimented with the dosage by tirating up from a very small amount over a period of weeks, under the watchful eye of my GP. Once I hit the point where it had an impact on my symptoms I stopped. I'm on half the dosage prescribed originally.

  • I have been reading articles about how statin's are bad for Parkinson's and that seniors with high cholesterol actually live longer. Maybe cholesterol "lubes" the brain.

    It also allows CoQ10 to get to the brain. My husband has been on statin's for years,and along with the Parkinson's he was diagnosed with about 3 years ago, thinks his mind is getting more confused. He stopped the statin's about 10 days ago and he feels that his ability to do his investment studies has improved.He seems more alert in conversation and smiles more. I will continue to let you know if he sees more improvement. He is going to be 77.

  • Rhyspeace12

    Can we have more details how your husband stopped taking statin,please ?


  • He just stopped cold turkey. It hasn't bothered him. It remains to be seen if it harms him not taking them, but he wanted to see if his memory would improve, thinking he'd be able to go back on them if it doesn't. He did not have doctor approval. If it helps to be off them, then he will discuss it with his doctor. He is on blood thinners and a pacemaker, so it is doubtful he'll have a problem quickly.

    I'm a retired RN.

  • Thank you for this post. Your love and sincerity shines through and we all need a little inspiration now and again.

    Best wishes to you and your family.

  • Thank you !! I know we are not alone in our struggles with our families and friends and the pain they endure... God is faithful to hear us !

  • Are there any prescriptions your Dad takes for the PD? My husband is newly diagnosed and in just 4 weeks is having serious sideceffects on the carbido/levodopa. Thank you

  • What side effects is he having?

  • He is on Carbidopa/Levodopa. And a couple others I will copy down and post on here. Just prayed for your husband. Boyce, you're in the right place to learn from the amazing people on here who are so helpful and knowledgeable.

  • Confusion!

  • I don't know if this other observation is categorized as confusion or something else, but he has spoken to me 3 times in one day in the third person. When asking if he knows who I am he responds correctly. He realizes he is incorrect immediately when asked about it. Also some memory issues. He last took Cholesterol meds in mid 2015 before switching to Red Yeast Rice, which also had same effects. He has been on pantoprazole for GERD for about 10 weeks now. Previously a Nexium prescription. He has never had nor does he currently have any stmptoms of GERD but an endoscopy showed very severe inflammation from throat through stomach. I appreciate any input from any of you out there.

  • My husband was having hallucinations, he kept seeing people down by the tree line playing some sort of game. It seems to come and go on new medications. He no longer has hallucinations. The worst problem he had was taking Ambien. His kids were telling him he needed an "intervention" thinking he was acting weird from drinking.

    We have just stopped having him take his statin and Nexium. We are hoping his memory will keep improving. Nexium was new to him recently when he had an esophageal problem due to food caught in it. I think his esophagus got inflamed due to the hunks of jerky he was eating and got caught in it.

  • Dad has had some hallucinating as well -involving doorways, spiders, snakes and occasionally people. He found it was related to a medication (need to write down which one) and so Dr. took him off it. Later down the road he began to take this medication again, only starting on a smaller dosage...and has rarely had any other hallucinations. I am thankful the Dr. encouraged him to try it again, even though it was scary. It is trial and error with him and it sounds this way for everyone else too. Your husband will be helped soon and it'll be worth the trying!

  • That's what I call a happy ending! What a devoted daughter -- I'm sure your dad knows what a blessing you are.

  • Nice story~~you should submit it to "Angels on Earth" magazine--part of Guideposts.

  • I may...glad it's been a blessing.

  • I think you should!

  • Your prayers for my husband are truly touching, rscadolittle. Known that there are ones coming from me for you, your Dad, and family as well, and also for all on this blog.

    After finding out the neurologist has no after hours way to be reached, I called our pharmacist. We are stopping the pantoprazole as of today, at least for a few days, as well as the 3rd dose of the L- dopa, (which we stopped last night) This morning so far he seems ok. The gastroenterologist has been adamant that my husband take the panto, at least for 3 months. It has almost been that long now. The Nexium RX, now that I look back, I believe had some effects on him as well. When we brought up fact that news was reporting possible link betweek Nexium and dementia, and that we had stopped that one, the Dr. explained it away by stating how the study had been conducted. We prefer supplements to take care of issues, and I know the medical profession has different views. After the endoscopy showed pretty severe inflammation from esophagus through stomach, Dr. said NO consideration of supplements this time. Take the panto for three months....but here we go again on the hunt...I have read of a Korean tea made from dried persimmons and Ginger Root (Peoples Pharmacy ). The main question my husband has is why is he taking anything forGERD at all. He has never had and still has NO symptoms. Does anyone know if the inflammation seen can be from something else? I have read that with PD there can be GERD. Does one cause the other or is the PD coming from or caused by inflammation that is present and they are just calling it GERD?

    WHEW !! Hope this is understandable.


  • We truly appreciate your prayers! Just brought this need before God, Boyce3600 about the "GERD".

  • Dad has now started taking ZANDOPA instead of the mucuna pills and it is helping him so much better in the powder form.

  • I posted this in other threads on the site so here it goes again (HP-200 is zandopa):

    An alternative medicine treatment for Parkinson's disease: results of a multicenter clinical trial. HP-200 in Parkinson's Disease Study Group.

    "HP-200, developed from an alternative medicine source, Ayurveda, was found to be an effective treatment for patients with Parkinson's disease."

    Here is one of my concerns about taking standard PD/sinemet therapy:

    Anti-Parkinson botanical Mucuna pruriens prevents levodopa induced plasmid and genomic DNA damage.


    The Antiparkinsonian and Antidyskinetic Mechanisms of Mucuna pruriens in the MPTP-Treated Nonhuman Primate

    "The distinctive neurophysiological findings in the basal ganglia and the ability to ameliorate parkinsonism without causing dyskinesias strongly suggest that Mucuna pruriens acts through a novel mechanism that is different from that of LD."

  • Update: Some days Dad shakes almost NONE AT ALL! He feels good and even push mowed his lawn the other day! He laughs and plays games and "tries to cheat"! :) Yep, that's my dad! I am very thankful that there is MORE TO PARKINSON'S TREATMENT than what the neurologist prescribes! Very thankful for these amazing doctors, too. I just hope many PWP and their family members will get on HealthUnlocked and look into some of these alternative treatments. With trial and error, and patience... you can find some new solutions to ease symptoms.

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