Your faith has made you whole

Your faith has made you whole

June 28th 2016

Illness is a curious thing. We can die from it, or learn to live through it.

You may think me crazy, but I think we pick our illnesses. We choose to slowly exit, or stay and learn how to live well.

I am choosing how to live well. Some day I will be done with PD, I will declare I am well and say I was cured by this or that.

Belief is what cures us anyway. We may take the best supplements and medicines in the world, but if we do not believe we can be healed, we won't be. On the other hand, we may chant for 3 years off and on, decide we are cured and we are because we believe we are.

Or eat chocolate ants, and declare ourselves cured. Then we can write a book about it. People will eat chocolate ants and still be sick. Because of that they will declare you a fraud.

Look at how many people have gone after John Pepper!!

I was a New Thought minister for 24 years. Unity minister. I taught Science of mind and how to work it. It continues to be a fascinating study and experiment. I don't have any sculptures nor painting to show for my work, but I know I have touched people's hearts.

I am getting bored with having PD. I don't want to go to doctors anymore.I really don't want to take meds for it. But I am afraid to quit carb/leva 10/1000 x4 a day.

Peace, Eva

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  • You have touched my heart Eva.

    Sherry (LLWWD)

  • llwwd I am glad Sherry!

  • Amazingly, my neurologist said something to that very effect in our last meeting!

    P.S. You touch our hearts with every post.

  • You touch hearts because yours is so big.

    Thank you.

  • Eva. I stand with you. You touched my heart. The more of us that stand together in this belief, the greater the momentum for recovery. I am convinced that I , too, will recover. Illness is an opportunity for personal growth so I welcome it but I'm ready to move on. I've changed my way of being and reinvented myself. I'm happy.

  • Thank you Eva. X I have learnt so much from having PD. I am grateful. I have learnt particularly to be more humble and patient. I have learnt a lot about myself which has helped me understand others better. I have found wonderful friends on a similar journey. I am getting better. Everyday I repeat how lucky I am. In the words of Henry Ford... 'Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you are right'.

  • Eva, thank you. Your message comports with my experience. I m just starting the medications process of trial and error. I feel different when medicated,even when the tremor subsides and l miss myself. I know I will have to get serious about it because the tremor will not go away except with alcohol and that's not a long term solution.

  • RacerCP, have you tried meditation? Are there any times when your tremor quiets itself other than when you sleep? My husband who has had tremor dominant PD for almost 12 years now and takes no PD meds can still quiet his tremor at will through a simple meditation (Whatever method works for you even simply focusing on the breath may give you the resp

    ite you are looking for. ) The tremor will return but at a much lower level of intensity. His tremor will often stop also when he reads and when we watch TV together and hold hands. (We don't have the time to watch TV often but when we do the best thing about is the peaceful way he feels.

  • Thank you for your helpful advice. I tried it while on the subway and it worked. I am anxious to remain unmedicated, even though I currently take Selegilin 5mg once a day.

  • Do you experience more of a tremor when you even think that a situation might be confrontational or feel anxious?

  • sirshakes

    I am blessed with no tremors.

    My most bothersome symptoms are dizzness, dry mouth and contipation.

    I am treating the propeller behind the symptoms, namely stress and anxiety. When I do that, the symptoms lessen to a great degree.

    I do my best to get behind stress, and reduce it before it ruins my day!!

    I don't always succeed.

    One way to reduce stress and anxity, is to invite it in. When I do that, I don't get the double whammy of being anxious over anxiety.

    Keep up the good work :)

    Peace, Evav

  • Definitely. Stress brings it on.and, unfortunately, any negative interaction with my family, especially my children, creates stress. Unfortunately, they have not modified their interactions with me, and I am probably too opinionated with them. I am working on it.

  • You sound a lot like me. I find that most PwP slow down. I sped up. Have you seen the video I posted on the non motor symptoms of P D ? My brain was constantly racing. I would flush just thinking about a situation, my face turned bright red. I would find myself getting defensive over nothing. I would get angry with people because they would look at me and say I know so and so and he has Parkinson's and he is way worse than you and not a total ass. I stopped driving because I felt overwhelmed. I would find myself jumping out of my skin when somebody tried to talk to me that I didn't know was there. I would scare multiple times a day.When my day was over Alcohol became an every evening occurrence. When I saw my PD Doctor my blood pressure would be as high as 163/132.

    My Doctor thought it was white coat syndrome. I would exercise until I dropped and then I would hurt. Anxiety. Dopamine is not the only communication drug in the brain. I started Sertraline last October. Because you are changing your brain chemistry it takes months to zero you in. I am still being fine tuned but my family can tolerate me now. ( smile ) I feel much more in control, driving again and yesterday spent the day with my son at freshmen orientation at ASU and did not have any problems.

  • racerCP

    We are so sensitive to our children, aren't we racer?

    My oldest son is living with me, and I am constantly challenged to grow and stretch in our relationship.

    Having him around has taught me a lot about myself, although at times it has been too much.

    Like any other parent, I then stress and fume until I settle down.

    Keep cool Racer:)

  • thank you eve for sharing this perspective. love the chocolate ants analogy :) think i like ur views of "the end" better than all the end-stage PD literature that is out there! some scary stuff! L) all good things, rk

  • imshakydad

    Thank you! Same to you friend:)

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