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Burning Feet At Night

~7 years diagnosed, aged 78, typed by granddaughter~

Have any other Parkinson's sufferers experienced burning feet at night time?

In the day I find that I cannot use tight shoes and must wear very soft socks and loose sandals but the burning particularly occurs when I go to bed. Toes often go purple or red. GPs are just confused, giving me nerve ending pain killers which haven't helped (Neurotin 100mg hard capsules).

First told it was neurology, then past to vascular team- now stuck!

anyone going through the same thing?

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Sounds like diabetes. My feet burn or tingle a lot but no color changes.


Yes, me.....

Only at night though after a few hours of being asleep. I have to get up then as impossible to get back to sleep. I make it to my recliner chair in living room and the burning sensation disappears. Fall back to sleep. I.e today.... out at 1.30am awake at 5.30.

Husband hates me leaving the bed but simply have no alternative.

Have been on the Net (only last evening) and it appears to be some sort of Nerve damage. I also have lost both large toenails and one beside toe on the foot that gives me most angst.

I haven't mentioned it to my GP but I will.

Just something else we have to live with.



Hi Bailey

See my reply below. If I had Diabetes wouldn't I have the symptoms 24/7. It disappears as soon as I have my legs dangling lower in the recliner chair.

There are other causes for this problem and recent blood tests ruled out Diabetes.



Recently, I have been experiencing severe burning in my feet during the night. during the day i have difficulty putting any pressure on my feet. Have always been an avid power walker (runner when I was younger), am finding it very difficult to walk or stand without pain. I too was told to try Neurotin and pain killers. I have taken neither.

Have found that soaking my feet in lavender epsom salt seems to help, then rubbing Arnica gel on them. I also, place a bar of soap under my fitted sheet, and believe it or not it assists with pain in my legs and my feet.

Always used new Balance sneakers, and my most recent pair does not help. Just bought another pair, but I too experience the discomfort with socks etc. Try a pair of plantar fasciitis socks. I ordered from Amazon, and they help!

Best of luck,



Check for B12 deficiency or diabetics, if both are ruled out, it is just nerve ending pains, please give one tab at bed time 400 mg Pentanerv-NT( Gapentin 400mg + Nortriptyline 10mg) this will take care of pain and she will get good sleep. General pain killers won't help. Burning feet is normal in PD due to nerve ending pains. You can also try Ayurvedic formulation 250mgx2 with half glass of warm milk in the morning and at bed time

God bless you and your grandma

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The following is a link to a prior HealthUnlocked thread about Peripheral Neuropathy and it mentions supplements good for PN:

Burning feet = Peripheral Neuropathy:


If I wait too long to take my medication or if I've eaten too much protein or too large a meal (which will interfere with the absorption of the medication), my shins and the top of my feet will start burning. The burning stops as the medication takes effect. This will happen to me day or night. Also, whenever my medication starts to wear off, I have to kick off my shoes and loosen any clothing that is the least bit tight.


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