I haven't posted for a long time but have been reading daily and learning so much. I saw my movement disorder specialist Tuesday who offered to script a depression med with serotonin because I am feeling stressed right now. We leave for a Progeny Vacation (children and grandchildren) today I know it will be fun but stressful too. I won't be able to cycle, tai chi or box but I will walk a lot. I said no to the script but looked up serotonin on the web and found an article that reminds people of the benefits of food--so I'll take deep breaths, exercise, have fun and order restaurant meals thoughtfully.

I wasn't able to paste in the url just now but it is a Healthline article about serotonin in foods. I hope you all can find it. I'll try to sign off as Bailey has done before.

hopedope, age 75, diagnosed almost 1.5 year, Sinemet 25/100 at 6AM, 11AM &4PM

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  • Stress is what made me retire.

    It is the thing that took the longest to deal with. I do not take any depression meds. Just learned not to let most things worry me.

  • Are you not covered by insurance and that is why meds are so expensive?

  • yes i have insurance from Obama care my meds and any thing else i need are free after i put out $500.00 including hospital and doctors and it only coet $300.00 a month for me and my wife.

  • It looks like we are going to need insurance soon that is not through work. If we continue with United health Care which is dropping most of its ties to Obama care its 1200$ a month for me and my family. Did you go with the gold plan. It looked like to me that you had to pay thousands before the plan ever kicked in.

  • We have a silver hmo . we have no income except SS. So we qualify for a lot of help. my total out of pocket for a year is $1,100. $550.00 per person. I have met my out of pocket for the year so now every thing is payed 100%.

    Have you checked what if any help you qualify for under Obama care. If you have not I could help you check.

  • Thank you. We will have money coming in so we don't qualify for aid. I believe that you have to make less than 50 k a year for a family of 4. We will be over that.

  • Depends on what state. You can get some help even if you make $ 96,000

  • I live in Arizona.

  • There is scientific evidence that omega-3s can help alleviate depression:

    As for anxiety, I recommend you start taking theanine - an amino acid from green, white, black and oolong tea(s). In a double blind clinical trial theanine out performed xanax. I take both theanine and omega 3s.


  • I would not dismiss the serotonin or the sertraline so fast. I got so bad from anxiety I stopped driving. When I first started taking setraline about 75mg a day I did something I hadn't in years and didn't realize it. I yawned. Boy for that moment it was better than any food could be. I am now at 150 mills and doing better every day.

  • I am on zoloft 100mg daily. It change d my life. Took 8 weeks to kick in but it was a lifesaver , i had been existing not living.

    All the best for your trip.

  • I use 20mg of ssri drug cittalopram works for me on stress and anxiety.

  • My husband did not do well on the stronger drugs for depression and anxiety but has done very well on Sertraline and Clonazapan. I think it is the strength you need to look at and adjust if need be. My husband takes .5 in the Clonazapan twice a day and was first started on 100 mg of the Sertraline but cut back to half when it made him too groggy.

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