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Pitt Researchers Find Key to Parkinson’s Disease Neurodegeneration

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have uncovered a major reason why the Parkinson’s-related protein alpha-synuclein, a major constituent of the Lewy bodies that are the pathological hallmark of Parkinson’s disease (PD), is toxic to neurons in the brain. The finding has the potential to lead to new therapies that could slow or stop progression of the devastating illness.

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I finally ended up at the registered dieticians office who doesn't take my insurance as I couldn't bare the daily pain and discomfort any longer. I actual contemplated several hospital visits but came to my senses quickly. She seems to have confidence and I'm hopeful. I found out fiber makes gastroparesis worse. No wonder i was getting worse. She is more educated/trained. She is leap certified. More extensive testing on food sensitivities. We'll see. I see her in 2 weeks for the results. Thanks for the info on promising steps for pd as always. Judy

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Doesn't Nilotinib already do this?? (Reduce alpha syneuclien)


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