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Face spasm in parkinson disease

Hi, my mother gets sever face and nose spasm that bothers her a lot and cant swallow or chew well.

She does botox injection for face spasm which has temporary relief and sometimes takes diazpam for that.

Does any one has the same experience and what is best way to relieve it.

Many thanks


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Hello Rasa2006

Please give your Mom's stats

age,meds,years with PD.


Does your mum head turn twist to one side at the same time. Does she get pain in Heineken and head


No she doesn't have these symptoms.



Should have read neck and head sorry

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Try magnesium.


What does is more effective?


diazapam messes with the movement center of the brain. my husband was in a wheelchair for a year before a doctor saw what was happening and took him off it. he was up and walking after two days and we put the chair away for four years. ever try magnesium (a muscle relaxer)? also, we always take electrolytes.


I don't have spasms in my face, but I have them elsewhere. I second those who suggested a magnesium supplement. It has helped me tremendously.

Also, as I have written in other posts, I do facial massage that helps me relax. Every time my medication goes off, I sit down in a chair, take the next dose, close my eyes, and gently massage my face (including my nose) with my finger tips (the nails have to be short). This gentle facial massage never fails to help me deeply relax while I'm waiting for the medication to take effect. If your mother wanted to try it, I'd suggest that she start initially when she is not having spasms. Do this a few times and if it helps her relax and doesn't make the spasms worse, then she could try it ever so gently when the spasms are in process.

(I got the idea from a book entitled "Facial Reflexology: A Self-Care Manual", by Marie-France Muller).


Many thanks for your kind information, what does of magnesium is most effective?

Thanks for your information .


I just looked up the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for magnesium and it is around 300mg for most people (but that's the minimum, some people need more). There are different forms of magnesium, also, so you'll need to do a little studying. Here is a link to a good article by Dr. Mark Hyman on magnesium. I think he is a fairly trustworthy source:


Please read this article several times and make sure you understand it.

Here's another article, but it may be way too much information:


If your mother decides to take a magnesium supplement, I suggest that she add it to her diet slowly. Take one capsule apart and pour only a small amount in some liquid each day and take that for a few days. If that's seems to be OK, then she can gradually increase it. I didn't do that. Instead, I took the full RDA on the first day and I felt excessively weak. I did some research and found that that can happen to some people. So, I cut it down to very small amounts, then gradually took more. I'm OK with the RDA now. Just to be safe, she should start slowly.

It's wonderful that you are helping your mother like this.

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Thank you so much for your kind and complete information, I gave 250 mg to her and her spasm us much better.

Thanks a lot💐


Rasa, I'm so glad your mother's spam is much better. (Just don't go overboard with it like some people tend to do on everything.) I've found that taking half my magnesium supplement after breakfast and the other half after dinner helps me the most.


Ok, thanks for your advise.

Do you know what she should do for drooling?

She take scopoderm but her skin is sensetaive to the parch.

Doctor told her Atropin drop is very bitter and it's better not to take it.



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