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Mucuna 40% D5

Anyone can tell their knowledge regarding this powder,. Have you used it, your experience with it,. How long have you used it,. Dosage,. What did it help, are you under a doctor's care,. I am new here. Have side effects with mucuna. Insomnia , hot flesh most of the time,. Severe pain between doses. Sometimes mucuna puts me on my feet and no way off the couch other times.

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There are lots and lots of threads on this - put Mucuna Puriens into the sites search engine and it will bring them up. My experience briefly is that I've been using it for a year, good results and no side effects except a little nausea in the beginning. But it doesn't work for everyone. I also take ropinirole (4mg) daily.


Make trials from 3mg to adjust to your symtons.I feel sleepy after 10 min taking MP


I used it as part of an Amino Acid regimen with CHK Nutrition via a chiropractor. It was costly, inexact, made me projectile vomit, and overall was not worth it, I also had low blood sugar.


How do you all take it?

If powder, which one?

If tablet, what dose?


I measure it out with a scale. It's the mucuna 40% D5. As far as I know it doesn't come in anything but powder (D5). I am up to 27grams per day.

And it still doesn't have me without tremors in my arm and some of the time it's very painful. Are you taking mucuna if so how does it affect you if not what do you take?


Judy, I'm taking it. I have the white powder and the brown powder and the Indian MP mixture. The white seems more potent. I'm not really sure the best way to take it is. I've taken tiny doses and massive doses and don't really notice a difference. I'm sure I'm not doing it properly. I need to read those clinical studies again.



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