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Black pepper and C/L

Has anybody experimented with taking black pepper along with C/L? According to reports, it enhances the bioavailability of several drugs and herbs. One of the most often-referenced studies is about how it greatly enhances the bioavailability of curcumin (the beneficial compound in turmeric). However, I haven't been able to find anything about black pepper enhancing the effect of C/L.

About an hour ago, I liberally peppered (no pun intended) two crackers with freshly ground black pepper and ate these with my C/L pill on an empty stomach. The only thing I can report so far is that it made me a little nauseous and two minutes after I took it, I had to make a quick get-a-way to the bathroom. (One of it's effects reportedly is that it coordinates digestive contractions. It certainly did that.)

Has anyone done any of their own experimentation with black pepper?

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What is C/L?

Any further results?

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C/L - Carbo-levodopa. The generic name for Sinemet.


Pete-1, a number of years ago you posted your challenge with DOUBLE VISION. You had even tried botox shots. What is happening with your double vision? My son, 54 (DX Aug 2015), first symptom(s) was and still is double vision, in addition to neck dystonia, handwriting tiny, heavy fatigue, speech difficulties, etc. He takes 2.5 generic sinemet 3X daily. He wears prism glasses.......Horz prism 8 B0, but often he still experiences double vision when he is tired. In addition, he can barely handle glare. Would appreciate hearing about what has happened to your vision. We live in Los Angeles. Thank-you.


Hello enjoysalud,

Hmmm this probably requires a bit of thought.

PD in general, main symptoms:

1. gait difficulties - walking is very challenging, more specifically setting off walking or coming to a halt are both difficult. Once a certain momentum is reached I can walk apparently as normal apart from fatigue shortening the distance originally planed.

One hears of people who fall frequently due to these gait abnormalities. So far I have had about 20 falls with the frequency seemingly becoming more often. A few days ago I had 2 in one day. These falls are the worst symptom so far. Getting out and about is very likely to include a fall and that expectation makes one feel "on edge" or even mildly terrified. Crossing the road is not good, crowds are impossible.

2. Double Vision (Diplopia). This is my 2nd most significant symptom. This is because my driving licence is no longer valid. I could drive illegally, lots of people do. However, a moments thought makes clear the potential folly of this option, That is to say an invalid licence would make my insurance invalid which, in the cae of a personal injury claim could result in the loss of large sums of cash.

I must admit I find this lack of licence really quite the worst thing.

3. Other symptoms: If I listed all of these then the list would grow to something like 40, So I wont, Some of these include diminished sense of smell, illegible handwriting, drooling, cramp. Strangely some minor mental tasks have become difficult, for example, telling the time often yields a completely inaccurate value.

4. Diplopia:

So far I have had Botox injections, 2 so called "squint " operations and spectacles including correction by prism.

4.1: Diplopia Botox:

Very unpleasand verging on painfull, only local anaesthetic used. Very quickly done.

Supposed to give upto 3 months of improved vision. My Botox gave me around 3 or 4 days. I am however glad this was largely ineffective as I would otherwise probably have had to take 4 botox injections per year. Due to this being rather unpleasant I can see that you would get to really resent this intervention and dread each visit.

4.2 Diplopia squint operation:

An operation to shorten or perhaps stretch the various muscles around the eye that normally hold the eye in a particular position. The main snag with this procedure is the tendancy of the eye to readjust slowly to counteract the benefit of the operation.

I had two such operations, the first of which was not entirely successful. The 2nd operation has been more effective.

4.3 Diplopia, prismatic lens spectacles:

In tandem with the squint operations the use of these glasses has left my eyesight on the verge of normal, even after dark when the eyesight problems are at their worst. I shall soon reapply for a new licence, slightly confident of success.

4.4 Diplopia eyepatch:

It seems strange to me but true none-the-less that regulations for driving in the UK only require one eye to function normally. I did try an eyepatch. This was an interesting device but very irritating to wear. One also has to tolerate and endless stream of very tedious pirate humour.

4.5 Diplopia drug side effects:

It seems that some people have developed the Diplopia problem because of the use of "Pramipexole" (a Parkinson's disease drug). I remember reading a small report in this forum in which after some months (maybe 6) discontinuing use of Pramipexol finding that their Diplopia had cleared. I did stop using this drug but only got to the point where I had been on a zero dose for about 5 days. I noticed no change in my eyesight and due to the extremely unpleasent withdrawal symptoms I restarted using the Pramipexole. I was very glad to do so.

Pramipexole is the generic name for Mirapexin, Mirapex, Sifrol and probably more.

Feel free to ask any question that may occur.

Best wishes from the UK



Thank you, Pete. I was very interested in what had happened to your DOUBLE VISION. I greatly appreciate that you responded. Interestingly, my son's vision with prism glasses is EXCELLENT at night. It's during the day where he has problems. To drive (which he does very little), he often will wear his glasses with a patch over one eye (under the glasses). He has dystonia of the neck and is just barely considering Botox for that. I doubt he would consider Botox for his eyes. GLARE seems like a huge challenge for him. Even inside he keeps the shades drawn. I'm so sorry about your falling. He has NOT had one fall. I hope he never does. He lives nearby, but alone.


Try Pepper as an essential oil...I was astounded when an essential oils expert told me that pepper was the number one essence that I was missing. Essential oils can be rubbed in your wrists (like a perfume) or diffused in a diffuser, or use a drop in food.

There are certain essential oils also that can break throught the blood brain barrier.

I prefer Young Living Essential Oils.

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What oils do you use?


The medicine you are taking crosses blood barrier. Not sure why would you need black pepper with that. On the other hand why can't pearson who takes mucuna add some to the powder.


The component of black pepper which enhances the absorption of supplements & drugs is called piperine. It is the alkaloid of black and long peppers which gives them their distinctive flavors. I has been used to increase the absorb-ability of supplements which are hard to absorb, like curcumin:


Or the number two tuberculosis antibiotic, rifampicin:

Basically, it will enhance the absorption of whatever it is taken with by a minimum of 30%.


Is piperine good for Parkinson's? ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/228...

And piperine can be purchased OTC:


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Pipeline or bioperine are frequently used in anti inflammatory formulas like curcumin.

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Thanks to all who responded. I haven't tried the black pepper with C/L (carbidopa/levodopa) on an empty stomach again since I initially tried it last night. It did not delay the wear-off phase of the medication after I took it; however, I did feel slightly more energized for a few hours after I took it. In light of some of the research Silvestrov referenced, I may try it again sometime, but if I do, I'll use much less pepper, as the digestive tract response was a little too intense.

For the record, I do eat freshly ground black pepper on my food at most meals, so the intense response last night was probably due to taking it on an empty stomach.


My husband uses red Chilli sauces.

When he does he gets spark like sensations all over his brain.


Leojohn, does you husband see these sparks or does he feel them?


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