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New here, Need advice regarding supplement: TUDCA



I recently stumbled into this site while googling PD and TUDCA. I found a year-old post where someone suggested three supplements: TUDCA, Grape Seed Extract and EGC-g, but emphasized starting with the TUDCA. So I ordered all three and the TUDCA brand I chose was "Mind & Body".

Since my dad's tremor is slightly worse since he started taking TUDCA a month ago, I am considering whether to try a different brand--in case all brands are not created equally--or perhaps first, making an adjustment to the dosage.

Backing up a bit-- Here's part of the post that I got excited about:

"...but I have a supplement that is based on the latest research. Google TUDCA. There is a prescription form called UDCA, but TUDCA is simply the taurine conjugate. It restores mitochondrial function that is about 80% of the PD problem (usually marketed as liver support). It will start working in less than 10 days. Take 500mg in the morning, 250 at lunch, 250 at evening, and 250 at night...always take with at least some food. Several companies sell it. Not trying to sell anything, just trying to help. It will not cure PD, but basically pause progression. You might have some symptom relief as well, to the extent that dormant cells can be reactivated...however, brain cells that have died are then dead. This is not a cure, but as close as possible. After you try this for 30 me....there is a way to take care of the rest of the remaining problem of PD (A-syn aggregation). ...but first things first...

[Here's the topic:]

Note: I jointed this site specifically to message that user, but he doesn't seem to be active here lately and as yet has not yet responded to my message. While I'm waiting, I thought I'd ask the whole community here...

So my QUESTIONS are: Is anybody is taking TUDCA and if so, what is your experience with the supplement? And finally, (if I'm allowed to ask) what brand and dosage are you taking? If you're taking Grape Seed Extract or EGC-g (Green Tea Extract), what dosages?

I appreciate your help. My brother and I are just trying to help my dad who was diagnosed with PD two years ago.

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There was an ongoing, often heated discussion of UDCA/TUDCA on another site's forum that may shed some light on the subject. I recommend starting at the end and reading the most recent post by the topic's originator, and working your way back into the discourse until your curiosity is satisfied and your able to form some ideas as to merits of applying it to your own situation:

A couple favorable studies of possible interest:



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Thank you. A two-year debate sounds like good reading. Thanks again.

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I haven't heard of TUDCA but you might google Dr. Mercola & look up info on Grape Seed Extract & Green Tea Extract. He has a lot of good articles & you don't have to pay anything to get his newsletter every day. You & your brother are jewels to be so cconcerned about your dad.

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