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rasalect from canada

i am taking azilect 1mg a month. price just jumped over $200 per month. so....i'm on this website and read patrick w on canadian pharmacy and rasalect. please tell me how to order rasalect from canada.

i have pd 2 years now. tremor left hand that can jump to right if it feels like it.

i have stiffness but since i have arthritis it's hard to tell which gets the blame.

i go for tuina chinese massage inexpensive and feels good. they have fir magic lamp but i have not tried. fatigue was awful but reducing atorvastatin from 40mg to 10 mg helped that.

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Just check out "Canadian Pharmacy" You will find many reputable ones on line.


how do i get nyc doctor to send rx to canadian pharmacy. how to get an rx??


Get a paper Rx from your doctor. They don't like to do it, but they still can


where in canada r u working


Look into using unsaponifiables (from avacado & soybeans) for osteoarthritis. I use them & they decrease the pain and cracking while Increasing joint flexibility.


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