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HI,every one i have been with this parkinsons disease from past ten years now iam on sinmet 50mg daily 100mg sinmet cr ,symetryl for diskenysia artane,vitamin b3,omega3,ativan for anxiety few months ago istarted having severe back pain which is unbearable ,i took tilcotil penadol,ibrufin,voltaran,etc but it seems nothing is working anyone there having or had same broblem please i would like know how did you got well .thanks

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  • Hi Rajbhai,

    I suffer back pain off & on - different pain from different causes. I have asymmetric wear on discs in the lower spine, I get 'coathanger' pain across the shoulders & random needle prick idiopathic PD pain.

    Fortunately I am in UK & belong to a health trust which has retained a specialist neuro-physiotherapist. I see her on average once a month & she is bang up to date on trials & procedures.

  • I have the same pain . Mine is from caring for John , supporting him bending catching him well he was unsteady . He is hoisted now so a bit easier with the hoists .

    John has pain a the same area though from where the neck head. Falls forward onto his chest .

    It's happening to my head now as well it just forward ,

    I do see a lot of old ladies who look exactly the same though usually pushing shopping trolleys around .

  • Isn't it amazing that when a doctor hasn't got the answer to your problem, it is easier for them to say that you haven't really got a problem. How arrogant.

  • I totally agree with you I tried explaining my foot turning curling and the extreme pain in back and shoulders to the point you can't touch me ...she said it's arthritis?

  • Hi I was dx in 2010, last December my back became so painful had to stay of work. Could hardly walk and nothing gave releif. Doctor gave me strong meds to help but made me feel worse. Had appt with neuro a week later who told me it was due to Parkinson's and needed increase in my meds, and that all the pain relief given by docs were actually interacting with parkinsons meds. Since upping meds been fine.

    Hope this helps :-)

  • I, too, have been suffering from back pain. An MRI disclosed scoliosis (which was never diagnosed before), spinal stenosis, a bulging disc, two pinched nerves. I am scheduled for an 8-10 hr surgery. I asked if this had anything to do with PD and the jury is still out on that!

  • What has the orthopedic doctor diagnosed and recommended? Did you go for a second, or third, opinion? 9I find that many of the bloggers here tend to auto diagnose and auto medicate themselves having a frienly incompetent fool for a doctor. When auto medicating do not forget the PLACEBO efect. I am a physician pwp and initially i would always go for second opinion until i settled with one neurologist and now i don't do anything for my parky without approval of my doctor but i will go for a second opinion if necesary.

  • Rajbhai

    Second and third opinions from specialists isn't quite the way the NZ system works is it and especially orthopaedic surgeons!

    If your GP is no help I suggest get your family to take you to the emergency department But make sure is at the hospital not a private one. You may have a long wait but i hope you will get help.

  • Thanks for that have thought about that in NZ

  • And maybe the back pain is not from the meds or the PD per se but an indirect result of having PD including:

    1. slouching... People with PD slouch putting additional strain on back muscles

    2. People with PD have difficulty getting up and often do so awkwardly... pushing up with their arms behind them.

    3. People with PD don't exercise or even move enough to loosen up their muscles so they lock up.

  • I have had lower back pain since my PD diagnosis, and I suspect it is related to PD type muscle stiffness. I have a daily yoga routine which helps a lot.

    Is it worse upon awakening in the morning? If so, may be due to your mattress or sleeping position.

  • First time writer. I too have back pain which is worse if I'm late with my meds. It isn't spinal but to the side of my back. Feels muscular, nothing works but lying down.

  • Many people with Parkinson,s do develop arthritis but it is possibly as much due to wear and tear on joints due to unusual posture and gait as it is to the usual reason doctors give, "To be expected at your age."

    That's why many consultants are referring people for earlier DBS here in the UK.

  • This is my first time on this site. My reply is on June 12.

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